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Contentserv Expands its Portfolio with Innovative Contextual MDM

The PIM manufacturer now also offers solutions for tailor-made product experience

Contentserv’s contextual, multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) system enables unique product experience: delivering the right content in real-time.

Speicher: 10.8.2017 – A so-called Product Information Management System (PIM) ensures consistent product communication across all touchpoints and manages fundamental marketing processes. For digital transformation, a PIM system is a must-have for all future-oriented companies. Contentserv, a technology-leading PIM provider is now expanding its portfolio to include innovate Contextual MDM. This solution is especially beneficial for retailers, who have the highest amount of product requirements and demand high-quality product experience as well as the integration of complex supplier data and connectors to associated systems. Contentserv’s contextual, multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) system is based on innovative technology and provides a uniquely dynamic product experience that delivers the right content to customers across all channels in real-time – even when users have many localized product variations.

Consistent Product Communication with PIM 2.0

With the Product Information Management (PIM) system by Contentserv, store all of your product content in one place – from technical attributes to emotional videos – for central product communication worldwide, media-neutral maintenance and automation managed across all touchpoints. Product information, master data, videos, imagery and texts are centrally managed in one system. Therefore Contentserv is one of the few PIM 2.0 systems worldwide that not only enables management of technical catalogs, but also enables deeply emotional product communication across all channels.

The intelligent Workflow Management takes over efficient coordination of content and release processes between Marketing and the different stakeholder departments and service providers. This ensures comprehensive data quality and convincing product messages are delivered consistently across all touchpoints – both nationally and internationally.

Today the Product Information Management system by Contentserv is already one of the Top 5 PIM systems worldwide: well-known and trusted brands like: Villeroy & Boch, Miele, Texas Instruments, Lacoste and many more customers rely on Contentserv’s mature, highly-developed and praxis-proven solution. Last year alone, Contentserv won over 60 new customers with its sophisticated software solution, digitalizing their entire product communication.

Contextual MDM – the perfect solution for tailor-made product experience

The innovative Contextual MDM by Contentserv primarily addresses customers with extensive product ranges and complex product variations, such as retailers. Because retailers require high degrees of automation and flexibility when managing supplier data and localization of product ranges: Over its unparalleled Supplier Portal, extensive data from retailers and suppliers can be largely automated and automatically compiled, checked and enriched without exception. This enables the generation of so-called Golden Records for product data and many other types of data, which can then be uniformly distributed across all channels. The multi-domain MDM also offers the possibility to manage a unique variety of products that contain regional requirements. With this system, regional differences in product assortments are easily managed, providing localized product data via attractive promotions and advertising campaigns that arrive at the customers’ locations.

Thus, Contextual MDM provides a highly-flexible, multi-level data model that manages products, assets, suppliers and locations domains, to provide unique features, for example: localization of individual campaigns and promotions – that take local product range requirements and regional language specifications into account. For this unique feature, Contentserv have spent the last 3 years building a mature architecture, which thanks to realtime delivery enables a sustainable, tailor-made product experience across all channels. This way, each customer persona or target group only sees the product data that interests them and is personalized for their individual needs. For example, a 30-year-old woman from Munich sees a completely different product assortment than a 50-year-old man from Bremen across website, shop and newsletter channels. Descriptions and imagery is also personalized to match the differing needs and interests of both female and male customer personas.

Leading analysts in Germany and the U.S. see Contentserv’s MDM as a future-oriented solution that is already many years ahead of the market. Large, well-known retailers from food / grocery, furniture and construction industries are already making extensive use of Contentserv’s MDM solution.

With both product lines, Contentserv has the perfect solution for all customer requirements – making it an important partner for brand manufacturers’ and retailers’ future-oriented strategy.

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