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Data onboarding and consolidation

Effortlessly import and standardize your product data from all sources.


Transform disorganized data into product information that’s scalable

Product data can come from multiple suppliers, raw material vendors, data pools, third-party content aggregators, agencies, legacy ERP systems, decentralized business units, CRMs and more.
When this data is stored in multiple formats across various departments in your organization, importing and consolidating product data can be frustrating to manage and standardize, often causing product launch delays, missed revenue opportunities and an inconsistent customer experience.

Simplify data aggregation

Eliminate data silos across your organization and gain a single source of product truth when you use fully automated processes to import, consolidate and standardize your product data.

Simplify data aggregation

Automate product data consolidation

Automatically generate comprehensive data models, including classes, attributes, attribute types, and more for effortless onboarding of product data and digital assets from multiple sources, systems and file formats.

Enrich data quality

Leverage AI-based automation to deduplicate, consolidate, normalize, and validate your product data ensuring adherence to data quality standards.

Speed your products’ time-to-market

Accelerate your end-to-end digital supply chain with quick data onboarding, data transformation and mapping, automated workflows and fast publishing and syndication.

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