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At ESCADA, data quality is always on trend

With better data quality, fashion company ESCADA gears up for more efficient product communication

ESCADA SE streamlines its product information processes within digital B2B and B2C environments with the technology-leading Product Information Management system (PIM) by Contentserv.

Munich, April 3rd, 2018: ESCADA – the name is an institution in the fashion world. In order to best meet multichannel marketing requirements and with the support of S.HE Business GmbH – a Contentserv implementation partner in fashion and lifestyle – the luxury fashion company will introduce a PIM system.

From Aschheim to the entire world

Based in Aschheim (near Munich), ESCADA is one of the world’s leading brands of women’s fashion within the luxury segment and is distinguished by the high-quality workmanship of its products.

The brand ESCADA stands for quality. By using a PIM system, the data related to its high-quality products will now also be optimized. Contentserv technology-leading PIM replaces inefficient product communication processes.

All information related to product and article data had previously been maintained manually. Procedures were not only extremely extensive and labor-intensive for ESCADA they were also error-prone, making consistent and efficient product presentation across multiple users extremely difficult.

Automated processes ensure high-quality data

As a first step, ESCADA’s digital B2C processes are being optimized before extending into the B2B area. Manual maintenance will be largely automated: in the PIM system, product data and all classifications (such as the fit of an item of clothing) are maintained and enriched centrally, media-neutrally and in one single location, so that they can be transferred easily into two shop systems for Europe and the USA. With the PIM system, processes surrounding product enrichment and distribution of both product information and media assets are considerably streamlined. Contentserv software functions as a central product data repository – through which data redundancies and inconsistencies can be successfully avoided.

Processes for the automatic generation of product model combinations and cross-selling products are also planned. Copywriters can access the PIM centrally and maintain product texts directly within the system, which considerably increases efficiency. Automatic translation processes will ensure that ESCADA’s product texts are available in the relevant languages at the push of a button.

Thanks to the Contentserv continuously maintained at an extremely high level, so that a successful customer journey with consistent product data in multichannel marketing is guaranteed. By using the innovative Contentserv solution, a sustainably scalable process has been created, that makes ESCADA’s product communication fit for a successful future.

Your contact for product and customer-related questions is Michael Kugler, Director of Contentserv GmbH – T: +49 89 219 099 250, Mail: info@contentserv.com.

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About Our Partner S.HE Business GmbH

As Contentserv’s leading implementation and integration partner within the fashion and lifestyle segment, S.HE Business creates companies’ best cases for the digital world. Founded in 2004, S.HE Business enables companies to present their products to the digital market with professional data, process management and the ability to profit from the effects of cross-channel marketing and sales.