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KERN & SOHN optimizes its catalog production

KERN & SOHN replaces the centerpiece of its catalog production

Rohrbach/Ilm: 07.12.2015 – The world-renowned manufacturer of precision scales, KERN & SOHN GmbH, is now relying on the Marketing Information Management solution (MIM) by software producer Contentserv: The web-based software solution is going to centrally manage marketing content such as product texts and images before distributing it across the desired channels media-neutrally. Complex catalog productions and product-specific print products are also covered by this solution. The MIM solution will replace the previous in-house developed solution for catalog production.

Quick, competent and reliable

The family-run business KERN & SOHN GmbH was founded in southern Germany in 1844 and quickly built up a reputation as a provider of the most precise scales of its times. With more than 170 years of experience, the company is a certified specialist for accurate weighing. The brand KERN stands for precision, quality and reliability. The medium-sized family-run business has upheld these values for seven generations. It is not by chance that KERN & SOHN has maintained relationships with a large number of customers that go back decades. The company’s success principle is “quick–competent–reliable-versatile!” Long-term experience and a wide range of school and laboratory scales, industrial scales, measuring instruments for force, hardness, layer thickness, material thickness, sound and light, optical instruments such as microscopes and refractometers as well as test weights and custom products cater to special customer requests. The traditional close ties to local commerce all over the world enable quick contact to customers everywhere.

Optimal implementation of complex catalog projects

Aside from one comprehensive main catalog, KERN & SOHN also produces product group catalogs, brochures as well as single-product brochures and flyers in order to optimally present its comprehensive product range. In the past, these print products were produced with the help of a self-developed catalog production system. From now on, the Marketing Information Management solution (MIM) by Contentserv will replace the old system. The so-called Product Information Management system (PIM-System), the centerpiece of the Contentserv MIM solution, will take over the central management of all product and marketing information and its automated distribution – online as well as offline. The fully-integrated MAM system (Media Asset Management) will centrally manage all content such as images, product texts and illustrations and subsequently make the data available to all parties involved.

Undreamt of Possibilities

By taking this step, KERN & SOHN is hoping to considerably simplify and automate the implementation of its catalogs. Thomas Fimpel – Head of Marketing at KERN & SOHN – talks about the great advantages that this new software solution offers: “The rapid development in the area ‘Enterprise Marketing Management’ creates undreamt of possibilities for the communication with our target groups. The Contentserv solution that is customized to specifically meet all of KERN & SOHN’s requirements makes it possible to reduce our time to market. In addition, its individualized customer approach enables us to provide our customers with the right and relevant information at the right time.”From now on, external suppliers such as agencies and print shops will have access to the system and can therefore be actively involved in the implementation processes. Moreover, a translation manager will be connected so that catalogs can be printed in the respective languages of the various target markets.

KERN & SOHN attaches great importance to the central management of media content, in particular images that are provided media-neutrally via the Media Asset Management. The implementation of the software solution by Contentserv will considerably decrease the effort for the creation, checking and publication of catalogs.

The implementation of the software solution by Contentserv will considerably decrease the effort for the creation, checking and publication of catalogs. Contentserv’s longtime partner SDZeCOM will implement this project at KERN & SOHN.

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