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France Air breathes easier with Contentserv

Contentserv has been selected to enable the delivery of high-quality product experiences.

Paris, July  03, 2019 - Contentserv, the global Product Experience Platform (PXP) leader, announced today a new partnership with France Air, a long-established and experienced European air handling systems specialist, to improve the management and reliability of its product information to deliver rich and relevant product experiences to its customers.

Founded in 1960 in France by the Dolbeau family, France Air is a company specializing in the design and distribution of air treatment systems. Present in 35 countries, France Air currently has 577 employees and achieved a turnover of 148 million euros in 2018, notably through its various international subsidiaries, which represent 25% of its turnover. In addition, the company equips 50,000 sites each year with air treatment systems for housing, tertiary, industry and healthcare facilities.

France Air is accelerating its digital transformation initiative, starting with a primary focus on delivering complete, reliable and localized product information to its customers, while at the same time automating processes to improve employee productivity. Today, the sheer volume of data processed at France Air from multiple sources and systems has had a tremendous impact on the business, resulting in slow time-to-market and delayed order fulfillment. With Contentserv, France Air will be able to eliminate data silos, gain a single source of product truth and streamline operational efficiencies.

Several solutions were presented before France Air chose Contentserv. Training of Air France’s team is currently underway and the "go live" will take place at the end of 2019.

Loïc Dolbeau, Digital Marketing Manager at France Air, says, "With realistic planning and a flexible data model, Contentserv's software has made all the difference. Their presentation was the most complete and we felt that the Contentserv team understood the complexity of managing our data and product references.” France Air also publishes 35,000 copies of its print catalog in several languages every two years. The complexity of the publishing cycle often caused delays and resulted in printed catalogs made available at a much later date. With Contentserv’s print component, France Air will be able to streamline the production of those catalogs which will improve the relevancy and accuracy of the information published.

We’re excited to partner with France Air along their digital transformation journey. With their vision and our solution, France Air will be able to shorten time-to-market and provide compelling product experiences across all touch points", says Laurence Caron, Contentserv France’s general manager.

Managing product data is often a challenge for France Air. With Contentserv it can now make the delivery of information to its customers more reliable. Contentserv's PIM solution also represents a change in organization, above all on a human level – reducing the time it takes to search and consolidate product data from multiple sources. Product data is now centralized in one place and available in several languages. In addition to increasing the reliability of product information and productivity, the implementation of Contentserv aims to improve time-to-market, one of France Air's main challenges.


About France Air

The France Air Group designs air handling, heating, and domestic hot water systems for tertiary buildings, collective housing, professional kitchens, industrial buildings, and hospitals: heating, ventilation, diffusion, filtration, air conditioning, MCV, energy recovery, air handling units, fire protection. Thanks to its total control of the air handling chain, France Air is the only player on the market to offer solutions that allow the complete installation of air handling systems. With over 20,000 references, France Air offers a range of products that meets all air treatment needs to ensure comfort in all types of buildings. France Air products cover several markets: Housing, Tertiary, Professional Kitchens, Industry and Hospital Hygiene. In 2018, the group employed 580 people and had a turnover of €148 million, 25% of which was generated from exports, for 20,000 customers. France Air products are installed each year on nearly 50,000 construction sites in 22 countries.

About Contentserv

Contentserv enables retailers and brands to develop groundbreaking product experiences of the future by fully exploiting the potential offered by advanced technologies. Our vision is to make the daily lives of marketers and product teams easier by providing them with an advanced, complete, business-focused platform emphasizing time to value.

By combining Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), and Marketing Experience Management (MXM) into one single platform, Contentserv allows retailers and brand owners to offer the rich, relevant, and emotional product experiences that exceed their customers' expectations.

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