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Contentserv enters strategic partnership with Ingwa Labs to enhance MarTech innovations

Contentserv enters strategic partnership with Ingwa Labs to enhance MarTech innovations

The collaboration is set to revolutionize Product Information Management (PIM) and ecommerce across the JAPAC region. 

Singapore — February 29, 2024 — Contentserv, a global leader in providing Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions, announces its strategic partnership with Ingwa Labs, a niche MarTech company specializing in digital products and technologies. This collaboration signifies a commitment to driving forward the digital transformation and data strategy for enterprises in the rapidly evolving JAPAC market. 

As an implementation partner, Ingwa Labs will work closely with Contentserv to ensure that the flexible and comprehensive capabilities of Contentserv’s PIM solutions are effectively utilized. The goal is to create a seamless integration of services, offering clients a single version of truth for their product data. Contentserv’s customers stand to benefit significantly from this partnership, as Ingwa Labs brings expertise in areas such as retail, wholesale, and manufacturing, coupled with experience in architecture audits and cloud services. Customers can expect an enriched suite of services that will further the adoption of digitization and enhance their competitive edge in the marketplace. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Ingwa Labs, a company that shares our vision for MarTech excellence,” says Nobu Watanabe, Managing Director of APAC and Japan, Contentserv. “Our collaboration is more than just a meeting of minds; it’s a strategic alliance that will deliver tangible benefits to our clients and help them achieve their digital transformation goals.” 

“At Ingwa Labs, we recognize the imperative of digital transformation in today’s market landscape,” says Karthik Anikode, Co-Founder of Ingwa Labs. “By partnering with Contentserv, we are aligning with a leader in PIM solutions to tap into the JAPAC market's potential and drive substantial growth for enterprises.” 

The partnership harnesses the deep industry knowledge and cross-disciplinary skills of both Contentserv and Ingwa Labs. Contentserv’s robust PIM solutions complement Ingwa Labs' expertise in PIM, ecommerce, and technological consulting, crafting a synergy that promises to streamline product data management for enterprise customers.

About Ingwa Labs

Ingwa Labs is a software products and services company with a niche focus on MarTech and digital product development. With a team of seasoned engineers and a track record of delivering enterprise solutions to top global clients, Ingwa Labs is at the forefront of driving digital innovation in marketing technology. Drawing from our extensive experience in executing large-scale engagements for Fortune customers across various sectors, including Product Data Management, Banking, Retail & Logistics, eCommerce, and Manufacturing, our mission is to assist enterprises in advancing the adoption of digitization.

Learn more at:  https://ingwalabs.com/

About Contentserv

Extraordinary product experience. Unlimited digital commerce.

Contenserv creates the most intuitive product experience platform on the market. A cloud solution that enables companies to improve their product experiences with the help of AI opens new markets and channels and grows sustainably. Seamless business, human touch, inspiring technology: start directly, use intuitively, and be more successful from day one. The open platform continuously integrates innovative ideas and technologies and inspires users to explore new possibilities constantly.  

Contentserv is made for leading brands. And those who want to become one now rather than later. Automated product data in one central location enables manufacturers and retailers to use content more successfully and increase sales sustainably. With more traffic to product pages, higher conversion and customer satisfaction, improved time-to-value, and optimized ROI. 

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