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La Maison du Whisky improves data quality with Contentserv

Paris, France — February 26th, 2019 — Contentserv, the global Product Experience Platform (PXP) leader, announced today that La Maison du Whisky, a specialist in importing and distributing fine spirits, chose Contentserv to not only enable them to improve the quality of their product data, but also the processes for governing and sharing of that data.

La Maison du Whisky has experienced steady growth over the past 60 years, offering more than 3,000 products across 350 brands, with distribution to professionals, onsite and online shops, exports, collector's editions, book and magazine publications, education to enter the world of spirits and events such as Whisky Live Paris — France's largest whisky and spirits exhibition.

As a result of this growth, La Maison du Whisky needed a solution to speed time-to-market, have a single source of truth for their products and simplify team collaboration across their organization. Currently, managing and publishing product information to their distribution network has been an inefficient process when updating new products and the descriptions for products and flavors.

"Contentserv's solution will enable us to eliminate data silos in our organization by facilitating the collection and exchange of information between our teams," says Pascal Pozzobon, Directeur Organisation et SI at La Maison du Whisky.

Example Contentserv Dashboard for La Maison du Whisky

In order to simplify data management, PXP will allow La Maison du Whisky to centrally collect, enrich and distribute all product information, digital assets, logistical and technical data across their enterprise and efficiently publish to multiple online and offline channels.

"We are proud to support La Maison du Whisky in their digital transformation by providing a collaborative and ergonomic tool to eliminate silos in the enterprise and save significant time in managing product data," adds Laurence Caron, Managing Director of Contentserv France.

The flexible and modular interface of PXP will soon support La Maison du Whisky staff, allowing them to save up to 1,200 hours per year, which they can then use for other tasks – a significant time savings that will increase the company's productivity.

About La Maison du Whisky

Founded in 1956 by Georges Bénitah, La Maison du Whisky has established itself as one of the leading specialists in the import and distribution of rare whiskies.

A leader in the sector, its dynamism has played an important role in the evolution of the French market for premium whiskies, and now also that of fine spirits.

Further information: https://www.whisky.fr/en/

About Contentserv

Contentserv enables retailers and brands to develop groundbreaking product experiences of the future by fully exploiting the potential offered by advanced technologies. Our vision is to make the daily lives of marketers and product teams easier by providing them with an advanced, complete, business-focused platform emphasizing time to value.

By combining Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), and Marketing Experience Management (MXM) into one single platform, Contentserv allows retailers and brand owners to offer the rich, relevant, and emotional product experiences that exceed their customers' expectations.

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