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Contentserv and Aprimo announce strategic technology partnership

Contentserv and Aprimo announce strategic technology partnership

Customers will profit from a seamless end-to-end solution for exceptional brand experiences

Munich, Germany/Chicago, USA — September 19, 2023 — Contentserv, the leading provider of cloud-based PIM and PXM solutions, announced today its strategic partnership with Aprimo, an industry-leading provider of digital asset management and content operations solutions. The two market heavyweights are working together to deliver a seamless end-to-end solution for businesses, empowering them to interact with customers through tailored and uniform brand and product experiences. This partnership enables businesses to achieve remarkable improvements in conversion rates, accelerate time-to-market, and optimize the efficiency of their marketing and sales operations.

With the increasing demand for personalized experiences from today's digitally native customers and the fragmented channel landscape, marketing operations are becoming more complex. With its AI-powered content operations platform, Aprimo enables marketing and customer experience teams to efficiently manage marketing activities. This includes planning, creating, and distributing content, as well as leveraging detailed insights into content performance to deliver exceptional brand experiences at scale.

“Our partnership with Contentserv will enable our joint customers to optimize collaboration across the whole organization and align the entire lifecycle of products, marketing, and customer experiences while shortening time to market, increasing brand visibility, customer engagement, and driving revenue."
Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo

Contentserv's Product Experience Cloud integrates comprehensive AI-powered product information management capabilities. This includes the automated onboarding, enrichment, contextualization, and distribution of branded product content to multiple sales channels and touchpoints. Hereby Contenserv allows the headless integration of multiple leading digital commerce solutions, front-end systems, channels, and data sources. It provides brand manufacturers and retailers with a single source of truth for consistent product content management and the provision of personalized product experiences.  

“With the joint capabilities of Contentserv and Aprimo, our customers can not only deliver rich, relevant, and reliable product content to the right place, at the right time in the right context but also make sure that the overall brand experience of any campaign, any interaction, and any channel is always consistent and on point. Thanks to a streamlined end-to-end integration, they will massively save time and costs."
Michael Kugler, CEO of Contentserv 

The combination of Contentserv's advanced Product Experience Cloud with Aprimo's versatile Content Operations solution empowers businesses with an unparalleled end-to-end content process across the entire marketing and product lifecycle. This enables companies to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and elevate customer engagement, ultimately driving greater revenue.

Participants at the upcoming Contentserv World Tour stop in Chicago on November 9, 2023, can learn more about the new strategic partnership and the thorough integration of both systems.

About Aprimo

Aprimo's AI-powered content operations platform helps teams spend their time and effort on content and marketing strategies that drive business outcomes and reach customers in the right channels. Recognized by Forrester for its digital asset management and marketing resource management software, Aprimo has been named the leading vendor in the Wave Reports for DAM and MRM due to its continued innovation in AI and vision for generative AI solutions. Aprimo provides customers with a future-proofed 360° view into content strategy, planning, collaboration, and delivery across all teams and locations in real-time.  

Learn more at https://www.aprimo.com/

About Contentserv

For many marketers, IT, and global product teams, managing product information can feel like utter chaos. Data is siloed and scattered across systems and spreadsheets, wasting time and creating inconsistencies that hurt the customer experience. Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud enables manufacturers, brand owners, and specialized retailers to manage and optimize product content more easily — through one easy-to-use cloud platform. With product content optimized, businesses and IT teams can spend less time fighting with fragmented data and more time focusing on delivering rich, relevant, and emotional product experiences that enhance their brand and ultimately delight customers.  

Learn more at https://www.contentserv.com/who-we-are

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