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#PIMfluencer – the
podcast for digital product experiences

Tune in to #PIMfluencer, the podcast that sheds light on the ever-evolving world of product marketing. Listen in on highly informative interviews with leading industry experts, top brands, and trusted partners.  #PIMfluencer is a must-listen for any business striving to deliver high-converting, personalized product information to their customers.


Meet your #PIMfluencer host – Alexander Semrl



Welcome to the PIMfluencer podcast, your ultimate destination for industry insights, trends, and all-encompassing knowledge on the world of PIM. I'm Alex Semrl, your host, and together, we'll embark on a captivating journey into the depths of Product Information Management. Prepare to unlock the secrets to data-driven success and discover the awe-inspiring potential of PIM.

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Alexander Semrl

Managing Director, USA

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