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Anest Iwata introduces Contentserv across its digital marketing initiatives to improve customer experience

Establishment of an integrated PIM and DAM solution

Tokyo, Japan — December 2, 2021

Contentserv, the global Product Experience Cloud leader, announced today a new partnership with Anest Iwata Corporation.   The company integrates Contentserv’s solution for Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) as part of its digital marketing initiatives to improve its customers’ experience.pr_anest iwata new customer logo (1)Anest Iwata, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in May 2026, is an industrial machinery manufacturer headquartered in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. The company has two core businesses: the coating business, which is engaged in "coating equipment" and "coating systems" based on technology for converting liquids, mainly paints, into spray, and the gas business, which is engaged in oil-free compression technology for gases, mainly air. With production and sales bases in 21 countries and regions around the world, the company contributes to global production by developing its business activities on a global scale.

In order to become an "Excellent Manufacturer" from the customer's perspective on its 100th anniversary, Anest Iwata launched a company-wide cross-cutting project, which began in April 2019 and will be completed in March 2022, to drive business reforms and establish digital marketing, sales reform and customer relations as well as logistics reform as core themes in its efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

In digital Marketing, Anest Iwata started building a product information management platform in preparation for the renewal of its website (to be released in FY2022) and subsequent operation and deployment in other digital channels. Anest Iwata plans to make further efforts in the future to improve the customer experience through digital channels.

EXA, a Contentserv solution partner with extensive experience in PIM/DAM construction projects, will support Anest Iwata's implementation.

About Anest Iwata Corporation

Date of incorporation: May 1926 - capital: 3,354 million yen. Anest Iwata Corporation is a company that benefits people and their daily lives. In doing so, it has consistently adhered to its corporate motto of "Sincerity (Makoto no Kokoro)" since its founding, delivering the highest quality, technology, and services. The "Anest" in the company name "Anest Iwata" stands for "Active with the latest technology = Aiming to be a development-oriented company that is constantly on the move and has innovative technological capabilities. Each and every employee of Anest Iwata Group is working worldwide to achieve this goal in their respective fields.

Learn more: https://www.anest-iwata.co.jp/

About Exa

Exa supports digital businesses focused on sales and marketing for BtoB companies by leveraging its extensive experience in the digital space, including product information management (PIM) solutions, and its strength in a broad range of expertise from conceptual design to system build and operational support.

Learn more: https://www.exa-corp.co.jp/digital-business/index.html

About Contentserv

Contentserv, a recognized technology leader, offers a solution to manufacturers, brand owners and specialized retailers looking for an easy way to manage and optimize product content across channels and build groundbreaking, highly converting product experiences.  

For many marketers, IT and global product teams, managing product information can feel like utter chaos. Data is siloed and scattered across systems and spreadsheets, wasting time and creating inconsistencies that hurt the customer experience.

Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud enables manufacturers, brand owners and specialized retailers to manage and optimize product content more easily — through one easy-to-use cloud platform. With product content optimized, businesses and IT teams can spend less time fighting fragmented data and more time focusing on delivering the rich, relevant and emotional product experiences that enhance their brand and ultimately delight customers.

Learn more at https://www.contentserv.com/who-we-are