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"Close the Loop" rounds off the customer experience

"Close the Loop is just the beginning of the AI-supported product data cycle in e-commerce," says Michael Kugler, CEO of Contentserv

E-commerce: Contentserv enhances PIM with AI and analytics

Munich — April 18, 2024 — Product information in e-commerce stores and online marketplaces is no longer a one-way street. Contentserv acquires important insights from the feedback from customer channels. It takes the highlights of the positive reviews back into its Product Experience Cloud and uses AI to automatically create and publish new product copy in real time.

Contentserv is a leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM) systems. With its cloud solution for retailers and manufacturers, the company supports hundreds of medium-sized and large brand owners worldwide. Contentserv enables manufacturers and retailers to easily and efficiently manage their product content, improve the quality of their data, and optimize the customer experience across all digital sales channels.

In the world of content management, seamless integration and feedback play crucial roles in a platform's success. Now, Contentserv is introducing a new, groundbreaking concept in its portfolio: its "Close the Loop" approach to optimizing the process. The aim of the AI-supported method is to redesign the product experience through a self-learning ecosystem. 

Customer reviews complement the product information

With "Close the Loop", Contentserv users can improve their customers' shopping experience through personalized and contextualized product content based on analytics, regardless of the channel. The concept aims to close the entire product information lifecycle, from creation and publication to the analysis of user feedback and continuous optimization and subsequent redistribution to the channels.

"It's about creating a continuous feedback loop that enables companies to manage and improve their content more effectively," says Michael Kugler, CEO of Contentserv.

An example of what this cycle could look like on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Zalando and digital marketing channels such as Google Shopping and Instagram Ads: If many customers mention a detail positively in their reviews of a product in an online store, such as an additional pocket in an outdoor jacket, this detail will automatically be added to the product text in the future in the sense of a closed loop. However, the aim is not only to highlight positively rated features in the description but also to correct "incorrect" descriptions.

CEO Kugler says, "We no longer offer a pure product data backend that distributes data to the various customer channels. With "Close the Loop," we are completing the cycle by bringing the channel insights back into our Product Experience Cloud in real-time and thus into the channels. This allows us to optimize the conversion rate in our customers' channels."

Contentserv took another important step in this direction by acquiring the French software company Shoppingfeed, which specializes in marketplace and feed management solutions, at the end of last year.

Multiple advantages of "Close the Loop"

"But this is just the beginning of the AI-supported cycle," says Kugler. The CEO can also imagine that the collected and automatically analyzed customer information will flow back into production via the suggestion system and product planning.

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Product data syndication to a marketplace with Close the Loop: Once the product info has been fed into the channel, the customer reviews are continuously evaluated in order to then optimize and update the product data in real-time.

This transforms PIM "from a pure product data backend to a sales driver," says Kugler. Digital shelf analytics, the systematic and regular collection, and analysis of public e-commerce data from platforms, allows providers to react to competitors (prices, range, etc.) and evaluate and adjust the "4Ps" (product, place, promotion, price) at any time.

The automation of product information management through "Close the Loop" results in a number of benefits for companies:

  • Increased efficiency: the automated feedback loop allows companies to optimize their processes and work more efficiently.
  • Improved quality: through continuous feedback and optimization, companies can continuously improve the quality of their content and better address their target group.
  • Better understanding of the target group: by analyzing user behavior and feedback, companies can develop a deeper understanding of their target group and adapt their content accordingly.

Kugler: "With Contentserv's solutions, companies shorten the time-to-market of their products by eliminating manual processes and optimizing data management." The CEO of Contentserv is certain that companies in all sectors can benefit from the "Close the Loop" concept.

About Contentserv

Contentserv is the leading provider of a Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM) cloud. The company enables brand manufacturers and retailers to manage their product content intuitively and efficiently by means of AI and to optimize the customer experience across all digital sales channels. Contentserv's cloud solution ensures more traffic to product pages, higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction, improved time-to-value, and optimized ROI.

More than 1,500 brands in 89 countries trust Contentserv with their product content. Contentserv GmbH was founded in Germany in 2000 and is headquartered in Rohrbach/Ilm near Munich. With 14 global offices in Europe, the USA, and Asia, 250 employees, and industry-leading partners, the company continues to expand. Contentserv was recognized in The Forrester Wave Q4 2023: Product Information Management as a Strong Performer. 

Learn more: www.contentserv.com.

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