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Bright times for marketing at Villeroy & Boch

Global player improves multichannel management and relies on marketing software.

Villeroy & Boch, the world-renowned full-range supplier of tableware and products for kitchen and bathroom is now banking on Contentserv and its innovative software for the future of its efficient multichannel management distribution.

Rohrbach/Ilm: October 06, 2015 – Premium supplier Villeroy & Boch, with headquarters in Mettlach/Saar, is optimizing its international marketing and receives professional support for its multichannel management. The software producer Contentserv and its Product Information Management System (PIM-System) will facilitate the automated multilingual output of complex content for product communication, such as images, product core data, texts and other marketing information to E-shops, market places and later on to print channels.

Global presence

The majority of Germans are familiar with this long-established company that currently employs a workforce of about 7,300 in 125 countries and has developed into a global player in the bath and wellness sector. Villeroy & Boch is one of the best-known premium suppliers of bathroom products and tableware in Europe. The markets in Asia and America are also growing increasingly stronger for these prize-winning products. Last May, Villeroy & Boch products were awarded the Red Dot Design Award and in 2014, the company achieved an impressive turnover of 766 million euros.

International cross channel marketing

In order to market its products internationally with so much success, a correspondingly big team of marketing professionals is busily working, positioning brands and providing the consumers with relevant content at different touch points. Villeroy & Boch is now banking on a professional and consistent cross channel strategy that enables the company to address its consumers via different online channels, as well as print-catalogs and brochures. The in-house marketing professionals furthermore have the challenging task of providing and continually updating and localizing the content for so many different countries and languages.

Marketing software makes it possible

Villeroy & Boch therefore decided to rely on Contentserv’s Marketing Information Management Solution (MIM-Solution), which is the foundation of the automated and consistent distribution of relevant content at all touch points. This content comprises Marketing and Product information, such as product descriptions, constantly updated and synchronized prices and core data from the SAP-System, marketing texts, translations, and data sheets. All content is managed centrally before being distributed across all channels and in different countries via the fully integrated multi-channel management. The integrated translation management facilitates the central management, coordination and automatic allocation of all translations to the relevant products.

Roadmap for an efficient multichannel management

As a first step, Villeroy & Boch is planning the automated distribution of multilingual content in 17 E-shops (on the basis of the Magento Shop system), as well as several partner shops around the world. The goal is to efficiently manage at least seven main languages. The automatic distribution of a multitude of data across different channels necessitates technical support: The Product Information Management System (PIM-System), the centrepiece of the Contentserv solution, will take over the central management of all product information, as well as the automated multichannel distribution. As a second step, the process of creating print products via the PIM system will be largely automated.

Contentserv will implement this project at Villeroy & Boch together with its implementation partner SDZeCOM.

More information on the Contentserv PIM system can be found at www.contentserv.com.