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Contentserv named a strong performer in PIM solutions evaluation

How Contentserv stacks up, as one of the 10 PIM providers that matter most

Independent research firm has chosen the 10 most significant providers of Product Information Management Systems and Contentserv’s PIM solution has been ranked a „Strong Performer“

Rohrbach, December 7th, 2016 – After including Contentserv’s Digital Asset Management system in Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Digital Asset Management, 2016 report in February of this year, Contentserv’s Product Information Management (PIM) system is now being included in The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management Solutions, Q4 2016 report. We believe this positions Contentserv as a strong solution for both DAM and PIM disciplines. As a single provider, the German software manufacturer has thus succeeded in gaining access to both fields. After a thorough evaluation by the renowned Forrester analysts, Contentserv’s innovative PIM solution has even been ranked as a Strong Performer. The internationally recognized research and consulting firm has chosen its 10 most significant PIM providers and has evaluated them in a 28-criteria evaluation, which has been summarized in 3 categories: Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence. Contentserv has been named as one of 5 vendors to offer a competitive option, receiving a top score of 5 in the “Current Offering” sub-criteria of “Administration Tools” and “Vendor Portal Tools”(tied) and among the highest scores in the “Market Presence” sub-criteria “New Customers”.

Contentserv’s PIM solution is a "Strong Performer"

As part of the intensive analysis process, Contentserv’s Product Information Management solution was thoroughly tested – and we think the results are impressive. Findings from the report include:

  • Flexibility of the Cloud: Contentserv built its PIM tool with commerce, merchandising, and business process in mind. It aims to deliver business insights with the flexibility of the cloud, and customers lauded the product for being easy to learn and use upon implementation.
  • Highest score possible in User Interface and GUI tools criteria:  Contentserv makes it simple for business users to enrich products by previewing information in the format of the channels as well as to compare, update, or merge products while viewing them side-by-side.
  • Contentserv tied for the second highest score in the “Workflow and Business Process Support“, “Product Taxonomy / Relationship Management” and “Product Attribute Management” criteria.
  • Vendor Portal Tools: Contentserv also received the highest score possible in the Vendor Portal Tools criteria.  As legacy enterprise applications become outdated and less effective for the business user, improved integration and syndication, usability, and portal tools will dictate which providers will lead the pack. Vendors that provide these offerings position themselves to successfully deliver quick and lasting value to their customers.
  • Data Quality, Governance, and Reporting: Contentserv received among the highest scores in the data quality, governance and reporting criteria. The firm provides extensive support to validate and manage errors, which allows customers to write data quality rules natively embedded in PIM and DAM. Another plus is that its embedded media asset management tool strongly supports customers that need to localize product information on a global scale.
  • Product Road Map and Strategic Direction: Traditionally competing in the European market, the company has set its sights on North America to continue building its client base.

Over the past 12 months, Contentserv has been able to win over one customer per week due to its innovative solutions and is thus well above the average market growth of other PIM solutions. “We believe that this positive growth in Contentserv’s customer base has contributed to our top score in “Market Presence” for “New Customers” said Patricia Kastner, CEO of Contentserv AG. A further advantage is a seamlessly integrated DAM solution, which enables the highest degree of user-friendliness and efficiency of marketing processes, if required, also internationally across multiple language variants.

Learn more about Contentserv’s PIM Solution at: www.contentserv.com.