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Zijerveld is now online with the PIM/DAM from Contentserv

Zijerveld, a leading supplier of a total assortment of Dutch and foreign cheeses and related products, has successfully implemented the PIM / DAM system from Contentserv with XSARUS.

During the first part of the year 2018 the software has been implemented and mid-September the entire organization started working with the PIM / DAM. From that moment on the first tangible benefits have become clear. All parties concerned are proud of the achieved success so far and look forward to the continuation and possible extension of the project in the future.

Product owner Zijerveld, Rebekka van der Kooi says: “It has been quite a challenge, but we are already happy with the results. Even though it has only been a short while since we started using Contentserv, we can already say that we are faster and more efficient. We will continue to work with XSARUS and Contentserv to add more functionalities in the future because we believe there is more to be gained. “

As a result of the centralization of product data, everyone, including the crucial departments Specifications and Commerce, has access to the most complete and up-to-date information. In addition to that, the department Specifications has gotten extensive options to process large volumes of critical data. The new PIM provides the tools to work more efficiently, timely and according to the highest safety standards.

All product data of suppliers can be automatically processed and made available to stakeholders. The dataflow has been designed to suit all the different systems suppliers and clients use. The amount of manual labor required to keep the system going has been reduced to close to zero. This improves the quality of the product data and has a great impact on the entire chain of connected companies.

By implementing the PIM / DAM solution of Contentserv, Zijerveld has taken a great step into the future. Zijerveld is ready to meet the demands of the new rules and regulations such as those from GS1, but also meet the demands of the modern consumer.  By using centralized and improved product data the omnichannel strategies of both the Zijerveld organization and the associated retailers will become more effective. With that Zijerveld can continue their mission to be an innovator in the cheese market and share passion, experience and cheese with all of their international customers.