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Oro, Inc. partners with Contentserv for enterprise Product Information Management

Both companies are prospectively working together closely to the benefit of their customers as their partnership will facilitate the daily lives of marketers and product teams with a complementary platform solution.

West Hollywood/ California, August 16th, 2018: Oro, Inc., the company behind OroCommerce, the No.1 B2B eCommerce platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Switzerland-based Contentserv, recognized by Forrester as one of the leading providers in Product Information Management (PIM).

The comprehensive Product Experience Platform realizes a faster and deeper time to value

Contentserv enables retailers and brands to develop groundbreaking and visionary product experiences by leveraging the potential of advanced technologies. Through a progressive, complete, and business-focused Product Experience Platform, both marketers and product team realize a faster and deeper time to value. Over 300,000 business users from 89 countries, including some of the largest manufacturers, retailers and brands in the world such as Lacoste, Whirlpool and Mitsubishi Materials utilize the power of Contentserv’s solutions to achieve their business goals. According to the 2018 Forrester PIM Wave report, Contentserv “has earned its leadership position by delivering the powerful combination of a full-suite product experience management platform coupled with ‘very intuitive and modern’ business user interfaces.”

“We are excited to partner with one of the most innovative pioneers in Product Information Management,” said Motti Danino, chief operating officer of Oro, Inc. “Contentserv’s PIM solution will give our medium- and large-sized merchants a significant competitive advantage by allowing them to onboard new products and drive purchase decisions much faster and more effectively.”

Partnership provides a Multichannel Solution for Merchants

The partnership with Contentserv augments OroCommerce’s comprehensive eCommerce features by integrating them with a robust PIM tool. The combination empowers merchants to deliver dynamic product content and information across multiple selling channels fast and consistently. The synergy between Contentserv and Oro, Inc. will allow both companies to deliver better, more integrated services. This enables enterprise clients with an ever-growing need for providing seamless product and shopping experiences to all their customers across every channel.

“Oro has had great success with its OroCommerce B2B platform because they understand how fundamentally different B2C and B2B e-commerce are from each other,” said Rainer Heckmann, Managing Director of Contentserv’s US subsidiary. “Many stakeholders are involved in B2B buying cycles and it is crucial to provide them with the most accurate and up-to-date product information. Contentserv offers the complementary PIM solution to Oro’s eCommerce platform to empower B2B merchants to sell faster and more effectively while supporting their specific requirements. We are proud to collaborate with Oro to accomplish their mission.”

About our partner Oro, Inc.

Oro, Inc., offers a suite of open source commerce applications: OroPlatform, OroCRM and, OroCommerce. OroCRM is a solution for multichannel companies, and OroCommerce, the only eCommerce platform purpose-built for B2B companies, was named by Frost and Sullivan as the No.1 B2B eCommerce product of 2017. Oro’s founders previously founded Magento and have deep experience in the eCommerce industry. They include Yoav Kutner, chief executive officer; Jary Carter, chief revenue officer; Dima Soroka, chief technology officer; and Roy Rubin, director of Oro’s advisory board.
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