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Product Experience Management Software (PXM) by Contentserv

Deliver real-time, engaging, and highly relevant experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations.


Experience-driven commerce for the connected customer

Tailored Personalization: Create customized experiences tailored to each customer's distinct persona and context.

Create emotional connections

Elicit an emotional experience at every interaction by solving the needs of your customers when you market a set of products that solve for a specific need or solution using contextualized product content.

Increase sales and shopping cart value
Increase sales and shopping cart value

Improve the value of upsell and cross-sell opportunities on your product page with real-time product recommendations, bundling and dynamic product content that is relevant to your customers' wants and needs.

Improve product content ROI
Improve product content ROI

Optimize your product content to drive product performance and profitability to help you understand which products are selling well — when, where and together.

Brands powered by Contentserv

We have successful collaborations with some of the world’s best-performing brands. Need evidence? Feel free to check them out.

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Brands powered by Contentserv

We have successful collaborations with some of the world’s best-performing brands. Need evidence? Feel free to check them out.

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What is Product Experience Management (PXM)?

Product Experience Management transforms traditional PIM systems into a personalized product experience engine that delivers product content in context and personalized based on the channel, locale and need of your customers to facilitate an emotional connection.



Model, classify, enrich and localize your product content, associated attributes, digital assets and metadata from your own sources or suppliers.


Customize product detail pages to cater precisely to your customers' needs by leveraging channel insights to optimize product distribution and service delivery strategies, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


Guarantee seamless accessibility making it effortless for your customers to discover and connect with your brand across a multitude of channels and touchpoints.


Gain a customer-centric perspective and evaluate your brand from your customers' viewpoint. Make data-driven decisions for optimization and enhance your strategies based on valuable customer feedback through Channel Insights.

Power your marketing operations

Popular features for enhanced functionality

  • Fast guided import and export of product data, digital assets, files and more
  • Flexible multichannel data modeling for channel-specific experiences
  • Integrated workflows for automated business process management
  • Product relationships for upselling, cross-selling and building bundles
  • Built-in digital asset management to manage all brand and media assets in one place
  • Built-in Adobe InDesign integration for quick creation of promotions and advertisements
  • Automatic product tagging via affinity scoring 
  • Static & dynamic makeups for real-time product recommendations via affinity engine
  • Connectivity to digital ecosystems and commerce channels
  • Reporting & analytics for product performance and return on content
  • Roles and permissions to control access, viewing and editing rights

Contentserv’s all-in-one Product Experience Cloud for managing and personalizing product content

Manage your product content at scale, get your products to market faster and deliver personalized product experiences.

  • Hassle-free account management
  • No hardware or software maintenance
  • Minimal reliance on IT or developers
  • Dedicated customer success team


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