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Marketing communication is complex, demanding and always subject to change – especially when it comes to keeping a grip on many different products and related data. All too frequently, isolated applications are used in order to meet all needed requirements. But when shortcuts are lacking, data maintenance must be redundantly multiplied - this is extremely time-consuming. What a headache!

Manage all relevant content for your communication tasks on one platform – with the software solution from Contentserv. This not only enables you to accelerate your processes but also to react more flexibly to any market requirement.

All of your product communication content is located on one central, web-based marketing content platform:

  • Product information (Product master data, technical attributes, texts, accessories)
  • Media assets (images, graphics, videos, documents, layout templates)
  • Text assets (Content Marketing text, slogans, PR articles)
  • Translations of all information
  • Customer profile data

As your reliable software partner, we competently support you with all issues related to your product information, digital assets and multichannel tasks, including: central management, maintenance, coordination, quality assurance and continuous updates.

What makes CONTENTSERV unique?

We bridge the gap between IT and Business, to provide the best of both worlds!

Contentserv Solution, portfolio


Whether you have a growing product portfolio, a steadily increasing number of output channels, international distribution or differing target groups – these two calculation examples show just how rapidly the number of resulting data variations can shoot up!

This amount of data is manually impossible to maintain! - But have no fear, our software solutions are here to help!

Example, Today:
1,000 Products & Promotions
20 Touch Points / Output Channels
5 Languages
5 Target Groups




1,000 x 20 x 5 x 5 =

500,000 Potential Variations

Example, Tomorrow (multichannel):
1,500 Products & Promotions
50 Touch Points / Output Channels
10 Languages
10 Target Groups




1,500 x 50 x 10 x 10 =

7.5 Million Potential Variations

Example, Tomorrow (context-related):
1,500 Products & Promotions
50 Touch Points / Output Channels
10 Languages
10 Target Groups
10 Regional differentiations
10 Situations & Customer Journeys
6 Seasons & Festivals
2 Genders  

1,500 x 50 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 6 x 2 =

9 Trillion Potential Variations

These numbers illustrate that the provision of relevant information means having to cope with complex requirements that can no longer be covered by manual intervention. Furthermore, the increasing number of touch points and the increasingly diversified target groups will cause expenses to rise in the future. System-supported automated processes for the data provision will therefore be inevitable.

This calculation example is based on our experience in more than 400 projects. Are you interested in an individual calculation?

Offer the right Content, at the right Time, and in the right Context!


Ensured Customer Experience –
thanks to the right context-based marketing data!

  • Contextualize everything easily: Images, descriptions, prices, technical data, charts, product-to-product relationships – anything can be contextualized for optimally targeted marketing! This allows you to manage themes with optimized media asset variants. Create content that focuses on and adjusts to your audience’s needs.
  • Manage Buyer Personas and Define Parameters: Easily manage your buyer personas to highlight common audience profiles and create situations that set up corresponding environmental parameters.
  • Preview for context and audience: At any given time, take a sneak peek at how a given buyer persona will view the content in a specific situation.

Real-time Delivery across all Channels –
Proven and Tested

  • Supply Content for every possible Situation: Provide all of your content in real-time and adjusted for channels, audiences and situations.
  • Deliver Flexible Formats: With the built-in template engine, choose between providing data (XML, JSON) or pre-formatted layouts (HTML, PDF) with on-the-fly rendering.
  • Be Prepared for Future Challenges: Real-time delivery is a huge technological challenge! On the technical side: We make real-time delivery work safely with unlimited scalability, using cluster technology. On the business side: We ensure smooth operations, easy to use processes and great user experience.

Simple and User Friendly –
Usage and Configuration

  • Outstanding Usability: Contentserv is so easy to use that any product manager or marketer is able to create context-aware product information and multichannel outputs without the support of specialized IT departments.
  • Simple Configuration: New attributes, output formats and context-specific setup can be configured visually and without IT expertise. This is where an Enterprise PIM System really makes the difference!
  • Comprehensive approach: With one system that stores everything, digitalize your entire product communication – you won’t need data, system and process silos anymore! Contentserv includes: PIM, DAM, Editorial Content, Promotion and Campaign Solutions - all in one system.

Want to know more? Learn more about the benefits of the Enterprise PIM System and get a first impression of the system:

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Master your product data easily across your entire organization. Provide consistent, meaningful and context-optimized master data to every channel and every customer need that one might think of. Thus secure a sustainable competitive advantage thanks to superior customer experience.



Excellent product communication with Contentserv´s PIM: Simplify your product information’s management processes and optimize your data maintenance as well as your multi-channel output in multiple languages.



Seamlessly merge together all types of media data on one interface: images, videos, PDFs, Adobe®InDesign® data and many more formats can be managed centrally and flexibly with Contentserv’s DAM, our fully-integrated media database for a 360° product experience.



Generate all of your translations processes for all languages in order to keep your marketing content transparent and digital across one central platform: From here, control all To-Dos and processes from the assignment to the multichannel outputs.




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