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Product content enrichment

Combine product information and digital assets to deliver the experience your customer’s demand.


Want to build powerful product stories?

To successfully sell a product across multiple channels and countries, you’ll need more than basic facts such as a unique product identifier, description, size, color, etc. Today's buyers expect rich and engaging product content that includes detailed descriptions, stories, images, videos, articles and more. Simple content is no longer enough.

Create product pages that convert

Product data enrichment improves the quality of your data, allowing you to achieve a 360-degree view that includes product descriptions, digital assets, rich media, product bundles, kits, upsells and more. With enhanced content, you can communicate, engage and build a trusting relationship with your customers, leading to not just more sales but endorsement and loyalty.


Outshine the competition with enhanced content

Deliver high quality, below-the-fold, enhanced content like comparison charts, graphics and videos combined with associated product information across all your touch points for a powerful and engaging product experience across the digital shelf.

Re-use and enrich channel insights

Retrieve insights from syndicated channels and make informed decisions ensuring the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of your product content for reaching your intended audience

Drive more traffic to your product pages

Boost SEO by maintaining and optimizing product data attributes to achieve high ranking for product detail pages and category landing pages by configuring metadata on object types, reference types, attributes, workflows and business rules.

Ready to create and manage product content that converts?

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