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Miele provides relevant product content to a global audience

Miele uses Contentserv to optimize its media management and facilitate the efficient global distribution of the most current and vibrant digital assets while maintaining brand consistency.

Miele provides relevant product content to a global audience miele-featured
About Miele

Founded in 1899 in Gütersloh, Germany, Miele positions itself as the only worldwide premium brand for domestic and industrial appliances for laundry care, dishwashing, and disinfection available on five continents. Miele employs over 20,900 employees and distributes the products on-location via a network of specialized trade partners for electrical appliances and kitchen furniture, supplied and taken care of by 49 international distributing companies.

The challenge

Miele needed to publish hundreds of brand-consistent brochures with tens of thousands of pages and images every year for its distribution channels. The process was challenging as the data was stored in siloed and disparate sources and there was a significant dependence on external media service providers. The selection and provision of images were tedious, and creation, print production, text searches, and translations were characterized by complex manual layout and correction processes.

This resulted in a lack of transparency, high costs and long processing times for the 49 distributing companies. Miele decided to reorganize the processes involved in the production of advertising materials. The company realized they needed a solution that would allow them to significantly optimize operational processes through automation and standardization. Furthermore, the solution must enable Miele to save time and costs while increasing the quality of its product content.


Miele sought a central web-based solution to manage and maintain digital assets and distribute it across all channels. The solution they required must be able to support the following:

  • Localization of advertising materials in compliance with the corporate design guidelines
  • Intuitive workflows to improve collaboration between distributing companies
  • Efficient and flexible data and digital asset enrichment process
  • Easy integration with SAP system for central distribution of digital assets

Miele chose Contentserv to manage its vast digital assets and serve as its overall media management platform. The company imported all available image data into the new central repository where internal and external recipients could access the desired image data and select it via a portal interface. Contentserv enabled users to automatically resize and convert digital assets in the resolution and color depth required for the respective output.

In editing and updating InDesign files, Miele utilized Contentserv's in-depth integration with the Adobe InDesign Server allowing users to edit these digital assets from a browser directly. In this way, Miele's distributing companies worldwide could quickly select their leaflet templates, easily adapt them to local requirements, translate and publish without maintaining additional, locally installed software or fonts. At the same time the central marketing communication department in Germany securely controlled the brand and provided all necessary templates.

An important aspect of the implementation was the structured provision and approval of all print jobs for the international distributing companies. Miele then leveraged Contentserv's Workflow Management to ensure efficient and streamlined production flows via automated correction workflows with attached actions and tasks. The solution helped establish compliance with the corporate design guidelines and transparency across all workflows.

Results that matter

Thanks to Contentserv, Miele was given more flexibility in print production and safeguarding its digital asset quality for all sales channels. As the system is web-based, it was accessible anywhere globally, enabling distributing companies to access consistent, rich and relevant digital assets. At the same time, Miele maintains data sovereignty over image and media data, ensuring uniform international management of the corporate design. Ultimately, Miele saved significant time and costs as Contentserv helped optimize its processes that accelerated the time-to-market.

“By leveraging Contentserv’s software components for our international media management, we ensure efficient media creation and consistent brand identity”

Stefan Kuhlmann, Marketing Communications International

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