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Copiax streamlines supplier onboarding for faster time-to market

With PIM as its single source of data, Sweden’s largest wholesaler of security products is transforming its position to become more efficient, customer-focused and future-proof.

Copiax streamlines supplier onboarding for faster time-to market copiax-case-study-girl-carrying-box

About Copiax

Originally founded in 1952, Copiax is the largest wholesaler in Sweden for security products, offering an extensive assortment in mechanics, electromechanics, and electronics — including lock alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control, etc. Headquartered in Kungens Kurva, Sweden, Copiax works with both mechanical and electronic security solutions. In 2008, the company was acquired by the Assa Abloy group, a global leader in access solutions.

With its wide range of profit enhancing services and logistics solutions, Copiax is a complete security partner. As the leading company in security in the country, Copiax offers an extensive brand portfolio with around 120 suppliers and 43,000 products to installers and maintainers of security products. The company is customer- focused, providing access to its ecommerce 24/7 via computer, EDI solution or app. With knowledgeable support and fast deliveries, Copiax simplifies the work of professional security installers and contributes to a safer society.


Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about Copiax business model.



Annual sales:


Target market:


Target customers:


Type of products:

Security products

Number of products:


Sales and marketing channels:

web shop, app, EDI and SaaS (sw Assistenten Pro)

Contentserv solution used:


Usage model:


Implementation partner:


Challenges and objectives

Copiax faced several data management challenges as product information for more than 43,000 items was maintained mainly through a legacy PIM system, Excel lists, and the ERP system. The company relied on its previous systems to feed product data directly into its web store, which lacked optimal quality checks and approval. These systems were not marketing-optimized and therefore unable to support advanced marketing processes or effectively manage digital assets.

With a growing demand for same-day delivery, the company sought to optimize logistics, ensure collaboration, remove silos, and work efficiently to keep all data up-to-date. Copiax needed to automate data onboarding and easily provide security bundles with products from multiple vendors to increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Therefore, having a media-neutral and centralized solution to manage product content was critical.

Managing a comprehensive ecommerce presence proved to be a daunting task: it requires collecting, managing, and enriching large amounts of data from different suppliers. With an extensive product portfolio, Copiax operates in conditions where inefficient processes cost time and resources – and where an integrated PIM solution can noticeably improve data quality, time-to-market, and delivery processes. After a long search for the right data management partner, Copiax chose Contentserv and its integration partner, Fiwe.

The situation

  • Product data was stored in various systems, including ERP, PIM, website software, Excel sheets, and other databases. The existing software lacked the collaborative layer with appropriate workflow management
  • There was a growing need to provide the company’s ecommerce channel with the correct and complete product information
  • The all-round view of a product was missing. Instead, data from different sources had to be merged first before all the information could be viewed together
  • Processes relating to product data maintenance and onboarding product information from suppliers were rather cumbersome
  • Overall, the maintenance of product information was still very time-consuming and error-prone


  • Establish a central system as a single source of truth for all product information including supplier data
  • Enable high data quality and a 360° view of all information on a product available at any time, including automated output in the appropriate formats
  • Streamline the process of integrating new suppliers into the portfolio and onboarding new product information to speed up time to market
  • Automate the data flow from suppliers’ ERPs and Excel files to the new PIM system
  • Efficiently distribute product information to the company’s online store and other channels and significantly reduce manual effort
  • Automate the creation of predictive kits and product bundles and provide product recommendations based on common purchase patterns
  • Provide an interface that offers a secure, one-stop location for sharing documents and files, and managing and updating product information
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“The basic idea behind the new PIM is that we want to make suppliers more responsible for their products in our web shop. They have the technical know-how and the correct information about the products. This is basically one of the main reasons why we need to implement a new PIM system to achieve this.”

Martin Thor - Team Leader, Category Management at Copiax

Why Contentserv?

  • The cloud solution provides the ideal conditions for all parties to collaborate via a central system. In addition, the PIM system can be scaled and flexibly adapted in parallel with the business without burdening the company’s IT structures
  • Contentserv’s solution is self-explanatory, user-friendly, and intuitive so that users can quickly adapt to the system
  • With planned future developments, Contentserv’s flexibility and comprehensive integration capabilities were well suited to the company’s vision
  • The solution’s overall package with its range of features as well as the support from the implementation partner Fiwe were decisive factors
  • Overall, it quickly became apparent that all these advantages made Contentserv the best choice in the long term to fully meet both current and future requirements

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