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takes a significant development step in its digital transformation journey

“Contentserv’s PIM solution is the central distributor of our product content. Today, we can generate and distribute product or active ingredient information in a predefined layout at the push of a button.”

- Ramona Seiler, Product/Media Data & Process Manager, GRANDEL

GRANDEL takes a huge step in its digital transformation journey Dr-Grandel-customer-story-in-blog-two


Founded in 1947, GRANDEL is a globally operating beauty company known for its premium beauty and health products. The company’s headquarters and its in-house production are located in Augsburg, Germany, with around fifty new products being developed every year.

In addition to the brands DR. GRANDEL Cosmetics and DR. GRANDEL Health Products, its product portfolio was expanded to include additional brands: PHYRIS and Arabesque. Currently, GRANDEL employs around 245 people and is represented in over 50 countries.

As one of the key players in the health and beauty industry, both in health food stores and among cosmetics professionals, the company generated sales of 48 million euros in 2019.



Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about GRANDEL's business model.

Manufacturer of cosmetic and health products

Annual turnover:
€ 48 million (2019)

Target market:
Active in over 50 countries

Target customers:
B2B and consumers

Type of products:
Cosmetics & nutritional

PIM objects:

DAM objects:

Online channels:
shops, B2B portals

Offline channels
product catalogs, training materials

Contentserv solution:

Usage model:

Implementation partner:
Laudert GmbH + Co. KG

Challenges and Implementation

While the products of GRANDEL could already be presented effectively on all platforms, the process was rather arduous. With a decentralized structure, the product information of over 4,000 articles was primarily maintained via Excel lists in combination with the ERP system.

In addition, GRANDEL manages 11,000 digital assets and localizes product content in seven languages. Merging product information and digital assets was often very time-consuming, and in some cases, the product information even had to be recreated several times. This additional effort resulted in a noticeably long time-to-market — a challenge that needed to be solved with a suitable system.

Initially, implementing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system was an option to help manage image files centrally. However, further considerations quickly led to a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. It could enable the transfer of all product information and digital assets into a clear and efficient structure. Additionally, it would help strengthen the company’s overall digital position. Therefore, Contentserv was chosen as the right solution to manage product information and digital assets in a central repository, accurately aggregate content and shorten time-to-market, all while increasing flexibility and agility.


The introduction of the new solution focused on efficiently organizing existing and future product data, enabling rapid transfer to multiple channels and simplifying central maintenance and internal processes. In addition to the company’s own B2C online store, which operates in three languages and five variants, the implementation focused on the various B2B portals for beauty salons, spas, pharmacies, health food stores and export partners. The solution had to be able to support the following:

  • Establish complex workflows that meet the demanding regulations of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry
  • Simple approval processes across different instances
  • Revision and standardization of product attributes
  • Central management of all product and media data
  • Automated creation of product information sheets
  • Smooth connection to the existing ERP system
  • Creation of a “single source of truth” to ensure the best possible product data quality

The system was also designed to allow the company to send product information directly to sales and retail partners in the future.


In close cooperation with its implementation partner Laudert, Contentserv’s software was set up according to the requirements and connected to its ERP system and its online stores and B2B portals. The first hurdle was the compilation of product information from all departments to transfer it into a centralized solution. Preparing existing image material also involved multiple discussions until a quality standard was finally established. Corresponding workflows are now available for all objects, which are controlled in various ways, depending on the intended use.

Thanks to Contentserv‘s solution, all departments and release instances are now involved in compiling product information via corresponding workflows. Based on the user role and the product’s status, only the currently relevant fields re displayed on a data maintenance tab, which guarantees additional clarity. Once the data is complete and approved, it’s automatically sent to its online stores. A particular advantage is that the product information is directly available in five SEO-compatible language variants. In the future, other translation management processes will be automated via direct integration with SDL Trados.

Results that matter

With the implementation of Contentserv, GRANDEL’s operational efficiency has increased enormously. The entire process of creating a product is now mapped in the PIM system, with all instances — from the laboratory to the training department — using, adapting and enriching the product information. As a result, a product fact sheet is always available in a daily updated version and can be output in PDF format at the push of a button. This is a great time saver compared to the past when these data sheets had to be compiled in a time-consuming process and could often only be updated in the B2B portal with increased additional effort. Now customers always receive the latest information in three different languages.

A big plus for the team at GRANDEL is also the flexibility the software provides since workflows can easily be adapted and refined. In general, GRANDEL can manage the PIM/DAM system independently after appropriate training. Laudert will continue to be involved as its implementation partner for special detailed adjustments and more significant integration steps.

After the exciting introductory phase, a solid basis was established to explore further optimizations with the support of the partners, such as a product finder for the website and automated content for training documents, which is now implemented promptly thanks to the clear data structure.

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Ramona Seiler-GRANDEL

“As a manufacturer of premium brands in the ‘fast- moving consumer goods’ sector, it is particularly important for us to bring our product innovations to market quickly and, to this end, to involve our partners at home and abroad at an early stage and provide them with all the necessary information. With Contentserv, we have been able to significantly speed up our information processes while ensuring quality and can now act much earlier.”

Ramona Seiler, Product/Media Data & Process Manager


Why Contentserv?

  • The integrated approach of Contentserv’s PIM/DAM solution was a perfect fit for the need that prompted this important development step: to establish a central system for all assets – both product information and media in general.
  • The high degree of customizability of the workflows already implemented offered ideal prerequisites for meeting the special requirements in the healthcare sector.
  • The diverse functions and interfaces were thoroughly impressive, especially the automated document creation and the smooth linking with both the ERP system and the e-commerce channels.
  • The sophisticated usability of the Contentserv software was also a major plus, as were the possibility of independent administration and the large scope for expansion. This means that the system can be constantly adapted to user needs and to the future development of the business areas.

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