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OPHARDT Hygiene creates efficiency & connectivity using PIM

“Contentserv’s cloud solution now supports our forward-looking innovative strength as part of our system landscape. ”

Josia Houcken - Marketing Data Coordinator at OPHARDT Hygiene

OPHARDT Hygiene creates efficiency & connectivity using PIM ophardt-customer-story-header

About OPHARDT Hygiene

The family-run company from Germany, OPHARDT Hygiene, is a global leader in the field of innovative hand hygiene solutions. The development of the ingo-man®, which at the time was the only disinfectant dispenser capable of reliably dispensing alcohol-based preparations, was groundbreaking as early as 1967 and quickly became the most widely used hygiene dispenser for hospitals in German-speaking countries. Since then, OPHARDT Hygiene has launched numerous other quality products for medical facilities and public washrooms - with an innovative strength that’s reflected, among other things, in over 400 patents.

The group of companies employs more than 1,000 people at seven locations worldwide and offers over 1,000 standard products and individual solutions for its customers.


Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about OPHARDT Hygiene business model.


Number of employees:
more than 1,000 employees

Target market:
market leader for dispensing systems in the European and North American markets

Target customers:


Type of products:
soap and disinfectant

Number of
commercial products
over 1,000 standard products

Number of digital assets:
5,000 - 10,000

Online channels
ecommerce store

Offline channel:
(furniture, home improvement)

Contentserv solution used:

Usage model:

Implementation partner:
valantic CEC Deutschland GmbH

The challenge and goals

The solution-oriented, innovative spirit that OPHARDT Hygiene has shown for many years with its hygiene dispensers also applies to its in-house IT. The software used internally by the company — and thus also the PIM system — was programmed mainly by the company’s IT team.

This process worked, but with limited possibilities due to time constraints. When the retirement of the long-serving IT manager brought additional challenges, it became clear that OPHARDT Hygiene could only really set itself up for the future by switching to an external PIM system.

A specialized provider would help optimize the software to every last detail and quickly provide the right solutions for future requirements. After careful consideration, OPHARDT chose Contentserv to provide the company with the correct setup to increasingly automate manual processes, ensure a whole new level of connectivity and establish the foundations for a future web store for wholesale customers.

The situation
  • The in-house developed PIM system offered limited options and could no longer be adequately upgraded due to a lack of time and resources
  • Product information was gathered from several systems, which led to different versions and changes were no longer traceable
  • Despite strong efforts to ensure high data quality, this could not be fully guaranteed since a “single source of trust” could not be implemented in the existing system landscape
  • Overall, the maintenance of product information was still very time-consuming and error-prone — with correspondingly high-cost

  • Establish a “single source of truth” via which all product information is always available in its current version
  • Simplify the distribution process to customers — for example, via dealer portals
  • Automate the creation of data sheets and product catalogs directly from the PIM system
  • Optimize translation management for market expansion in the medium to long-term future

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“Contentserv’s cloud solution now supports our forward-looking innovative strength as part of our system landscape. With the flexibility and scalability it offers, we can pursue our expansion strategy in a targeted way – and not only into new markets.”

Josia Houcken - Marketing Data Coordinator, OPHARDT Hygiene

Why Contentserv?

  • Contentserv was convincing all around in the first demo presentation — both in terms of functionality and user-friendliness
  • The cloud-based solution is ideal for relieving OPHARDT Hygiene’s in-house IT
  • With planned future developments, the high flexibility and the versatile connection options to other systems were of particular interest
  • Overall, it quickly became apparent that all these advantages made Contentserv the best choice in the long term to fully meet both current and future requirements

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