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RUKO improves data quality and saves valuable working time with PIM

“We see a lot of potential for our further development thanks to the PIM/DAM solution. Because it not only simplifies our processes and thus saves valuable time - it also gives us a whole new flexibility.”

Daniel Ruppert - Director Marketing at RUKO GmbH

RUKO improves data quality and saves valuable working time with PIM ruko-customer-story-header

About Ruko

The family-owned company from Holzgerlingen near Stuttgart (Germany) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision tools for metal cutting. The extensive product portfolio is aimed at professional users in industry and trade and their products are exclusively sold through retailers. Within the industry, RUKO is considered as a guarantee of reliable quality and customer-oriented solutions.

Founded in 1974, the company employs around 240 people and generated an annual turnover of approximately 42M€ in 2021. RUKO is part of the Rothenberger Group – which is the tooling and machinery division of Dr. Helmut Rothenberger Holding with an annual turnover of around 424M€ in 2019.


Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about RUKO GmbH Precision tools business model.

Precision tools for metalworking

Annual turnover:
approx. 42M€ (2021)

Target market:
Core market in Germany, presence in more than 70 countries worldwide

Type of products:
Drilling, countersinking & cutting tools for metal cutting

Number of products:

Number of digital assets:
approx. 0.5 TB of data

Online channels
online platforms for business customers

Offline channel:
Specialty retail

Contentserv solution used:

Usage model:

Implementation partner:
parsionate GmbH

The challenge and goals

Due to the use of multiple marketing channels, the product information at RUKO was previously maintained in three separate systems: in the product catalog in InDesign, on the nextmart trading platform and on the company’s website.

This siloed form of data management resulted in unnecessarily complex coordination processes between the teams and was also very error- prone. In addition, the transfer of data between the various marketing channels was only possible to a limited extent - so that, for example, the 17 different language variants of the catalog for the online store were not all available. 

With the introduction of a PIM/DAM solution, the different channels will be connected to guarantee more efficient data maintenance, improve the quality of the product data and enable simple export in the desired format. Since the Rothenberger Group already had positive experiences with the Contentserv solution and Ruko also wanted to take advantage of synergy effects, the choice was easy.

The situation
  • There is no central system that makes all product information available throughout the company. Instead, the previously siloed data storage guarantees redundant and sometimes error-prone maintenance processes
  • The main channels, catalog and nextmart, sometimes differ greatly in the deepness of information - which is particularly noticeable when the content needs to be localized
  • Each change related to product information (dimensions, etc.) has to be adjusted separately in different databases - with a correspondingly high manual workload
  • Rejecting assets such as images in different formats has so far been done manually via Photoshop’s rather tedious batch processing

  • Creation of a central source for all product information, via which all other systems are supplied with the respective required data
  • Associated with this: noticeable reduction in maintenance effort and improvement in data quality
  • Efficient workflows that are mapped directly via the PIM system - including for cross-country coordination processes for translations.
  • In general: location-independent collaboration via cloud solution
  • Further simplification steps - catalogs and product labels, for example, could be created automatically via the PIM system in the future

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“Even though the decision in favor of Contentserv had already been made by the Rothenberger Group, we definitely fully support the decision. We see a lot of potential for our further development thanks to the PIM/DAM solution. Because it not only simplifies our processes and thus saves valuable time - it also gives us a whole new flexibility in collaboration within the marketing department and beyond.”

Daniel Ruppert – Director Marketing, RUKO GmbH

Why Contentserv?

  • The successful introduction within Rothenberger AG that took place shortly before clearly spoke in favor of relying on the proven Contentserv solution here as well
  • In this context, the lessons already learned enabled a faster implementation at lower costs
  • In addition, the cloud-based PIM/DAM solution offers all the possibilities with which RUKO can now position itself for the future - including a whole new level of flexibility for subsequent scaling steps

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