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PIM instead of Excel - a new level of product communication for Sonax

Sonax GmbH is the market leader for vehicle care products in Germany and also one of the leading suppliers internationally. The company develops and produces in Neuburg an der Donau and offers a broad product portfolio. With the conversion of the product data maintenance, the course was set for further growth: The team opted for professional, future-proof PIM software in order to stay ahead of the competition thanks to lean and efficient data processes.

PIM instead of Excel - a new level of product communication for Sonax SONAX car care


The SONAX brand stands for the highest quality standards - and has done so since 1950. The company began in 1950 with the extraction of silica and the production of a silver polish. The development of a car polish was the big brand breakthrough in the 1950s. Today, the company covers the needs of many vehicle segments for private customers and professional users: the portfolio includes paint care products, products for manual interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles, car care products for the winter season, for motorhomes and caravans as well as bicycle care products. Special products for commercial vehicle cleaning, for industry and workshops, mechanical car care in car washes as well as cleaning and care products for use in professional vehicle valeting complete the range.

SONAX's core markets are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The brand is also represented in 110 countries worldwide. With around 400 employees, SONAX GmbH generated a turnover of over 147 million euros in 2023.


The challenge

Like many other medium-sized companies, SONAX faced the classic problem of product data management at some point: the established system with Excel spreadsheets, ERP and shared drives had worked for decades - but not very efficiently. Every new product creation or subsequent change had to first be processed via various departments using Excel spreadsheets. Which was not only time-consuming, but could also lead to errors and delays. The consistency of product data across all channels could never be fully guaranteed and the control effort was correspondingly high. Image files often circulated in different versions on employees' drives and it was often unclear which of them were up-to-date.

The attempt to solve this with a self-developed PIM interface based on the content management system failed due to the handling and range of functions, so the management finally decided to introduce a professional, market-proven PIM solution. After careful evaluation, Contentserv was chosen for the consulting and support of the implementation partner SDZeCOM.


  • Consolidation of all product information in a central system - including recipes for local requirements.
  • Mapping of hazardous substance and dangerous goods data for the product, incl. H, P and EUH phrases.
  • Efficient, quality-assured maintenance of the large number of articles by all departments involved - supported by authorization management, inheritance and workflows in the system.
  • Real-time access to all required information via comprehensive search function.
  • Product data sheets at the touch of a button.
  • Exchange of product data with various retailers.
  • Interfaces to all relevant systems, such as ERP, CMS and sales platforms - for new product installations and updates.
  • Effective localization for all stored languages.
  • Good performance and simple operation to pick up the more than 200 users from the start and integrate them without a great deal of training.

Why Contentserv?

  • In the six-month evaluation process, together with partner SDZeCOM, Contentserv was the clear favorite to meet all the key requirements.
  • Convincing price-performance ratio.
  • The user interface was clearly structured and intuitive to use, making it ideal for rapid familiarization and broad acceptance among employees.
  • Functions such as the customizable definition of attributes, the sophisticated inheritance logic and mass processing opened up promising possibilities for the SONAX team in data maintenance.
  • Extensive expansion options and the ongoing further development of the system make Contentserv the ideal partner for future-oriented product information management.


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At first glance, we were excited about what was possible - the attribution, inheritance logic and mass processing alone would make a lot of things easier. The user interface was easy to understand and Contentserv's price-performance ratio was also convincing. It was definitely the right decision, also in retrospect. Working with the software works perfectly and we think it's just great!

Markus Trinkl, PIM/MAM-Manager at SONAX GmbH


The go-ahead for the introduction was given in September 2019. Together with the experienced implementation partner SDZeCOM, the team responsible initially developed the required data model and attribute definition from scratch in order to be able to work with the PIM solution later on in line with requirements and with pinpoint accuracy. This process took around six months. The interface requirements to the existing ERP system were also defined. As "quick wins", an extensive search function (open search) was implemented in the first step, as well as the automated output of product data sheets from the system. The team took a step-by-step approach to filling the system with product data, as much of the information had to be completely updated before it could be imported. Possible legacy data had to be avoided. This took a considerable amount of time, so that the last of many existing data records was not actually imported into the system until March 2023, meaning that this process was 100% complete. Today, all new articles are created directly via Contentserv - with significantly reduced manual effort.

Another milestone was the automated connection to the company website, which was implemented in a further project phase in the fall of 2023. The team also worked on the translation process to fill the English and Spanish websites via Contentserv. AI support will be considered for other language variants in the future. In addition, various export interfaces were created for easy export of product and marketing information, in particular to the largest industry-relevant platform TecDoc.



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The findability of information has accelerated by 80 %.

Markus Trinkl, PIM/MAM-Manager at SONAX GmbH

Convincing results

In practice, Contentserv is convincing all round: today, all departments can work together in a structured way to create, enrich and distribute product information and save a lot of time in the process. The comprehensive and reliable access to the company's own, quality-assured data set has proven to be an indispensable advantage. This means that customer service has all the important information at their fingertips in seconds via Open Search, instead of first having to consult the relevant departments. Image material can be retrieved directly in the appropriate format via the integrated MAM system. It also directly stores the purposes for which the data is approved. And should there be any incorrect product information, this can simply be corrected centrally in the PIM system and output to the connected systems via interfaces.

Today, Contentserv ensures the highest data quality and consistent information across all channels. The increases in efficiency are already clearly noticeable and further automated processes in internationalization and publishing will enable considerable cost savings in the future.

Fachbereichen halten zu müssen. Bildmaterial kann direkt im passenden Format über das integrierte DAM - System abgerufen werden. Außerdem ist dort direkt hinterlegt, für welche Verwendungszwecke die Daten freigegeben sind. Und sollte es doch einmal Unstimmigkeiten hinsichtlich einer Produktinformation geben, kann jederzeit nachvollzogen werden, wann und wie es zu einer möglichen Fehleingabe gekommen ist – um diese dann mit wenigen Klicks zu korrigieren und die Änderungen auf alle angebundenen Medien zu übertragen.

Mit Contentserv können heute höchste Datenqualität und konsistente Informationen über sämtliche Kanäle hinweg gewährleistet werden. Die Effizienzsteigerungen machen sich bereits jetzt deutlich bemerkbar und künftig werden weitere automatisierte Prozesse bei der Internationalisierung sowie beim Publishing erhebliche Kosteneinsparungen ermöglichen.

During the initial discussions with the SDZeCOM team, it quickly became clear that they had extensive experience of the challenges faced by SMEs and were all too familiar with our pain points. And that they knew how to deal with them in a solution-oriented way. This meant that our management, it was clear that we had found the perfect implementation partner here.

Markus Trinkl, PIM/MAM-Manager at SONAX GmbH

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