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CHERRY trusts cloud-based PIM/DAM solution for smart data management

Streamlined processes in product data maintenance, noticeable efficiency boosts in channel output and the security and scalability of a cloud solution make Contentserv a game changer for CHERRY.

CHERRY trusts cloud-based PIM/DAM solution for smart data management cherry-case-study-experience-box


CHERRY AG CHERRY AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of input devices for computers, specializing in the office, industrial and security markets, as well as switches for mechanical keyboards. The high-end products from the core brand CHERRY and other affiliated brands such as Active Key and XTRFY can be found on many office desks and are also firmly established in the gaming sector. The portfolio also includes peripherals for the digital healthcare sector, including card readers for e-health cards and hygienic, washable keyboards. One subsidiary also develops software for card terminals and other application scenarios in the healthcare sector.

CHERRY is represented worldwide in twelve different languages and has around 400 employees. In 2020, the company’s annual turnover was around 130 million euros.

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The Challenge

Before the introduction of Contentserv, product information at CHERRY was handled with typical controlled chaos: data was stored locally in a variety of locations as Excel and Word files and made available to other team members via shared drives. Manually maintained and often created multiple times and in different versions, it took a great deal of coordination to provide reasonably reliable product information. A DAM system was available for image data, which simplified distribution, but could not meet the company’s actual requirements in terms of functionality and timeliness. Listing emails with Excel files and manually created data sheets were sent for external distribution, while the data for the web shop was painstakingly uploaded and entered manually – from today’s perspective, these are significant weaknesses for a company with a strong focus on e-commerce.

In 2015, the decision was made in favor of a change process with the introduction of a PIM solution as a single source of truth. The goal was to overcome inefficient and error-prone processes and establish comprehensively sustainable working methods. Contentserv was chosen as the central PIM and DAM software solution. With the further development of the business model and new requirements, the green light was given in 2020 to migrate from the previous on-site installation to Contentserv’s cloud solution together with recommended implementation partner SDZeCOM.


  • Restructuring and streamlining of product data maintenance with Contentserv as a single source of truth – with direct interfaces to SAP’s ByD ERP system and the Magento store
  • Replacement of the outdated Cumulus DAM system with a seamlessly integrated DAM solution
  • Major time savings through automation and a simple approval management
  • Creation of data sheets directly from the PIM/DAM
  • Increased data quality and more control in general over own data
  • Savings on own IT infrastructure by migrating to the cloud


The starting point for the implementation was the transfer of media assets to the new DAM system. Since a good database was already in place here, this process was successfully completed in just a few months. The next important step was to set up a central product database with interfaces to the ERP system. To this end, the existing data had to be collected, consolidated, checked, transferred to a newly developed data model and, finally, entered into the system. In mid-2020, the decision was made to migrate and implement the Contentserv cloud solution, including the connection to the Magento store, in close consultation with SDZeCOM, Contentserv’s recommended implementation partner. The data model was revalidated, structures, templates and workflows were created and tested, and it was ensured that all data present in the system was clean. On this basis, it was possible to generate data sheets automatically in 12 languages. The connection to the Magento store was also completed at the end of 2022.

Convincing Results

The use of Contentserv has already turned out to be a game changer: This massively reduced the amount of work and time required to create data sheets. For the first time, the team has full control over the existing data and can see at a glance where adjustments need to be made to ensure optimum data quality.

The DAM now serves as a central data storage facility for all files and has completely replaced other services such as Google Drive. Useful features such as the inheritance option for product attributes make the repeated entry of attributes obsolete and day-to-day tasks easier for employees.

Last but not least, the switch to the cloud means significantly less work for your own IT infrastructure and also offers greater scope and performance thanks to an always up-to-date and scalable software solution. Further expansion phases are already being implemented or are in the pipeline: for example, the connection to the cloud-based e-commerce platform Plentymarkets is close to completion. In addition to Amazon, other online marketplaces will be connected in the future and other brands are to be integrated into the system with their product information, assets and brand templates.

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„For companies that take digitalization seriously, a PIM solution such as the cloud-based Contentserv software is now vital. This is because it tangibly simplifies operational processes, enables full control over existing data and provides access to future-proof working methods that can be crucial for long-term success, especially in e-commerce.“

Daniel Haushofer, Technical Manager Web Solutions at CHERRY SE


Why Contentserv?

  • Contentserv offered by far the best value for money
  • The intuitive user interface encourages a high level of acceptance among the entire team
  • With PIM and DAM in one integrated solution, products and assets are directly linked
  • Contentserv enables step-by-step implementation and scaling to meet individual business requirements – for a fast return on investment
  • As a globally established provider, Contentserv offers investment security and long-term future prospects
  • CHERRY is cutting its IT costs with the low-maintenance cloud solution – a key factor for further cooperation with Contentserv
  • SDZeCOM as an implementation partner proved to be a stroke of good fortune for the project team during the cloud introduction – with a solution- and results-orientated collaboration on an equal footing.

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