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Toynamics establishes end-to-end consistency in product data quality

“The decisive plus points for us with Contentserv were that the software is modular, flexible, agile and simply solution-oriented. We were also impressed by the customized demo — we hadn’t seen that before.”

Julian Kipper - Head of Supply Chain Management, Toynamics Europe GmbH

Toynamics establishes end-to-end consistency in product data quality for its entire brand portfolio toynamics-customer-story-header

About Toynamics Europe GmbH

Toynamics Europe GmbH is responsible for all distribution processes of the German-Swiss Hape Group in Europe. Hape is one of the largest toy brands in the world, which has become known primarily for educational and environmentally friendly toys. Other in-house brands include Käthe Kruse, Senger Naturwelt, Korko, Beleduc and Kruselings. But external brands such as the Canadian label Nebulous Stars and DinosArt, as well as a Dutch brand TIMIO and American brand Skip Hop are also marketed.

As the name suggests, Toynamics stands out due to its dynamic way of working. The company reacts quickly and effectively to changing situations and market requirements and thinks beyond established solution paths. Toynamics can support other brands thanks to its established structures — covering all levels of marketing, manufacturing and distribution. The introduction of a PIM system is another important step toward laying the foundation for future innovations and ensuring a customer-oriented approach.


Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about Toynamics Europe GmbH business model.


Target market:
Europe (11 countries)

Target customers:
specialty retail, ecommerce and B2C

Type of products:
toys and lifestyle products

Number of retail products:
approx. 2,000 items

online store (B2B & B2C)

retail consumer fairs

solution used

Usage model:

Contsult GmbH

The challenge and goals

For years, the Toynamics team had been considering implementing a PIM system. With the steady expansion of its sales network and a growing brand portfolio, it became increasingly difficult to maintain product data manually.

There were many challenges, especially with regard to entering and preparing product data since partner brands from various countries provided data in different formats. As a result, it was not always clear whether the information and assets were up-to-date. The main goals of the PIM implementation were to significantly improve data quality, ensure the consistency of product information and improve the efficiency of marketing workflows across all relevant channels.

The situation
  • Suppliers sent product information via different channels, in different formats and it couldn’t be stored according to standard criteria
  • There was no system to store the assets and information centrally and thus make them available quickly for further use. Instead, Excel databases were still predominantly used.
  • With growing distribution structures within Europe, the effort for the manual maintenance of product information was finally disproportionately large and cost-intensive.
  • Product data quality couldn’t be guaranteed on the scale that was necessary, given the company’s values and the brands it associates with. This was a factor that became most critical with the planning of the company’s online store.

  • Establish a central system as a “single source of truth” for all product information — with the option of managing the data for different brands according to the respective requirements.
  • Maintain product data quality across the entire brand portfolio — supported by automated mechanisms that alert the system of any input errors.
  • Increase efficiency in data maintenance via customized workflows and automation processes.
  • Establish a customized selection of the product parameters and languages used, depending on the brand and/or product group.
  • Efficiently distribute product information to partners, social media channels and the company’s online store — in the appropriate formats and with significantly reduced manual effort.
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“The decisive plus points for us with Contentserv were that the software is modular, flexible, agile and simply solution-oriented. We were also impressed by the customized demo — we hadn’t seen that before. To approach us, our products and our goals in such a way... that’s simply a prime example in terms of customer orientation.”

Julian Kipper - Head of Supply Chain Management, Toynamics Europe GmbH

Why Contentserv?

  • The high flexibility and modular approach of Contentserv’s solution were the deciding factors in the evaluation, allowing Toynamics to adapt the scope of the PIM system as needed.
  • The customized and extensive demo gave good insight into whatworking with the PIM at Toynamics could look like. At the same time, it proved how much Contentserv focuses on customer orientation.
  • The advantages of the cloud-based solution were also crucial: no additional effort for IT, predictable costs and, above all, direct access to the latest patches and updates.
  • The solution is self-explanatory and intuitive so that users can quickly adapt to the system.

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