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RIDI Group further expands “cloud first” strategy with Contentserv

Contentserv’s PIM solution not only impressed us with its intuitive look and feel, but also gives us certainty from a functional point of view too that we are ready to face all the challenges of our dynamic market today and tomorrow”

-Sascha Götzinger, Chief Digital Officer, RIDI Leuchten GmbH

RIDI Group further expands “cloud first” digital strategy with Contentserv ridi-group-customer-story-in-blog

About RIDI Group

With 9 subsidiaries, over 600 employees, and annual sales in excess of 100 million euros (2019), the RIDI Group, headquartered in Jungingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is one of the largest manufacturers of technical and design-oriented luminaires in Europe. The portfolios of the three product brands RIDI, Spectral, and li:fy are manufactured in a production area of around 52,000 square meters – with “made in Germany” quality.

In line with a consistently customer-centric approach, the portfolio has been expanded to include numerous service modules that can be individually combined into holistic 360° packages, from lighting design and installation to lighting rental and leasing. Also part of RIDI GROUP 360°: Digital services that open up intelligent lighting and building control options for customers. The range of applications of the RIDI product world includes lighting concepts for offices, industry, retail, sport, education, culture, and hotels.



Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about RIDI Group's  business model.

Manufacturer of technical and design-oriented interior lighting

Annual turnover:
> € 100 million (2019)

Distribution structure:
20 sales locations worldwide plus numerous trading partners

Target market:
Nine other European countries besides Germany

Target customers:
Industrial customers, planners, architects, professional installers

Multi-brand strategy (RIDI, Spectral®, and li:fy)

Number of products:
Approx. 10,000 products

Number of digital assets:

Channels - Online:
websites, product configurator, B2C & B2B web shop

Channels - Offline:
catalogs, price lists

Contentserv solution used:

Usage model:

Implementation partner:
SQLI Deutschland GmbH

The challenge and goals

The growing calls for individual design, sustainability, and intelligent use of lighting are placing high demands on process excellence in the lighting industry. Information about more than 10,000 products with a multitude of product variants featuring a high level of granularity – up to batch size 1 in the online configurator – must be made available in different languages across various channels.

This accumulated information is then made available both internally and to B2B customers and smart IoT lighting applications such as digital lighting services and apps. In this environment, professional data management in particular becomes a decisive factor for success. Data silos need to be dismantled, and technical data and media assets need to be centralized and both managed and maintained in high quality. The RIDI Group’s existing PIM system, which had evolved over time, was no longer up to these requirements. In 2020, therefore, the decision was made: The aging PIM system was to be replaced by a powerful, future-proof PIM solution.

The situation and objective
  • The scalable PIM/DAM system must provide all the necessary functionalities to accompany and drive the further growth of the RIDI Group.
  • International workflows – for translations  for example – should significantly simplify collaboration between all parties involved at different locations and shorten the time-to- market considerably.
  • An intuitive interface should minimize the time required for data maintenance.
  • It must be possible to connect customer systems and digital IoT systems via stable interfaces – in some cases with predefined data standards (e.g. ETIM in wholesale).
  • The aim is to digitize and consolidate all  relevant data as a “single point of truth”, for sustained excellent data quality.
  • The high manual effort previously required to maintain the mainly technical product data should be heavily automated in the future via the new PIM/DAM solution.

  • Together with the RIDI Group project team and   the implementation partner SQLI, the scope  of the project was defined in 2020 at a kickoff workshop.
  • A series of workshops in input and output management was launched in early 2021.
  • As a first step, binding company-wide  processes for data management will be introduced and a new RIDI data model will be designed. As soon as the processes have been mapped in the Contentserv PIM, the existing data pool will be migrated from the old PIM, consolidated, and prepared.
  • As a second step, output channels will be integrated, including for data exchange with customers.
  • In the third phase of the approximately 12 - month implementation process, templates for data sheets and catalogs will be created and translation management will be optimized.


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“Digitization starts in the mind and with people. With Contentserv and SQLI, we not only have strong technology experts by our side, but also partners supporting us in the digital transformation beyond merely technological issues. Contentserv’s PIM solution not only impressed us with its intuitive look and feel, but also gives us certainty from a functional point of view too that we are ready to face all the challenges of our dynamic market today and tomorrow.”

Sascha Götzinger, Chief Digital Officer, RIDI Leuchten GmbH

Why Contentserv?

  • The potential that Contentserv held for the RIDI Group was already demonstrated very clearly during the first product presentation.
  • Contentserv’s interface was impressive with its modern UI/UX, allowing the product data to be maintained and used by a company-wide circle of users in the future without much training required.
  • Individual configurability and scalability make the Contentserv solution a future-proof software platform including with regard to efficient localizations and AI-supported translations using DeepL for example.
  • Contentserv supports the RIDI Group’s “cloud first” digital strategy through cloud availability.
  • In addition to functionality, the Contentserv team’s deep understanding of processes, the quality of their communication, and their agile way of working also tipped the scales during the software evaluation.
  • As the market leader, Contentserv offers interfaces to all common systems and thus allows a high degree of  flexibility in terms of scalability, which also underlines the future viability of the solution.

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