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Electrolux Group relies on Contentserv’s integrative cloud solution

With Contentserv's scalable SaaS solution, Electrolux harmonizes and simplifies the management of its complex product data and positions itself securely for future requirements worldwide.

Electrolux relies on Contentserv’s integrative cloud solution electrolux-case-study-girl-in-kitchen

About Electrolux Group

With its three core brands Electrolux, AEG, and Frigidaire, and around 60 million products sold each year, the Swedish company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances. Its portfolio includes large appliances such as stoves and ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers, which can be found in numerous households. But the extensive product range also includes small devices such as vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, and irons. In addition to the official brands, the company also supplies appliances to IKEA under a private label.

The Electrolux Group is represented in around 120 countries and employs approximately 51,000 people. Group sales most recently (2022) amounted to the equivalent of about 12.07 billion euros.



Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about Electrolux Group's business model.


Electrical household appliances

Type of products:

Electrical appliances for kitchen and household

Target market:

Worldwide (present in approx. 120 countries)

Target customers:


Annual sales:

 ~134.9 billion SEK
~12.07 billion EUR (2022)

Number of trading products:

60 million

Sales and marketing channels:

Retail, e-shops, online marketplaces

Contentserv solution used:


Usage model:


Implementation partner:


Challenges and objectives

As part of a global reorganization and harmonization process around IT, the management of product information at Electrolux Group was put to the test. The system landscape used in Europe was very fragmented and relied on isolated components, including an outdated PIM system that was no longer supported and countless Excel spreadsheets to manage and provide product information for marketing and sales. It was clear that a change needed to take place.

After carefully considering various options, Contentserv’s cloud solution was finally selected. Not only because the U.S. branch had previously chosen the leading provider but because of the system’s comprehensive integration capabilities. After all, the company’s biggest challenge was to connect the PIM solution as seamlessly and efficiently as possible with its extremely complex system landscape and to anchor it as a central source of reliable product information. To achieve this, various data models, isolated key systems, distributed data, and processes must be integrated and synchronized.

This, in turn, serves as the basis for future standardization of all workflows associated with product information management. The focus is on a clearly defined goal: to reduce the workload in product data management by at least 20%.

The situation

  • Due to the outdated PIM software, a system upgrade is required to ensure that the company is able to effectively handle product information and set up future-proof processes
  • Many processes are still based on the use of Excel lists and e-mail before data entry actually takes place. Errors and delays are thus inevitable
  • There is no uniform, coordinated data quality assurance across all systems - resulting in incorrect entries that often have serious and cost-intensive consequences (including supply chain blockages)


  • Introduction of a future-proof, cloud-based Product Information Management solution, exploiting all directly achievable optimization potential
  • Flexible integration of all existing systems to ensure seamless standardized data exchange and also securely connect legacy systems until the time of replacement
  • Harmonization of processes and data models with the help of proven standards instead of individual in-house developments
  • Using an unbiased third-party view to break through recurrent, inefficient processes and enable new ways of doing things
  • Reduction of the effort (and thus also the costs) associated with product data management by 20%
  • Increase data quality with the help of centralized and automated control mechanisms
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“The integration capability of the Contentserv Cloud solution is a big plus. We can integrate it with 15 different systems and thus benefit from the advantages of the flexible configuration and user-friendliness of the Product Experience Hub module. At Electrolux Group, we want to rely on a holistic and future-proof solution worldwide to create a central basis for our product information for all organizational units.”

Aline de Faccio - IT Project Portfolio Manager at Electrolux AB

Fireside Electrolux

Why Contentserv?

  • The cloud solution combines all functions relevant to the company and offers versatile integration options to efficiently connect complex system landscapes such as Electrolux Group’s, with more than 15 systems
  • In contrast to other options, Contentserv’s implementation partner Parsionate was able to convince in all respects — especially through its proactive consulting approach, offering innovative suggestions instead of simply implementing the company’s requirements
  • Electrolux US has already been using Contentserv’s solution for some time - so the deployment makes additional sense both in terms of previous experience and for global harmonization
  • The SaaS model fits perfectly with the company’s IT strategy of relying on scalable, maintenance-free, and risk-free cloud-based solutions

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