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Uzin Utz creates product data sheets & packaging designs at the touch of a button

“We currently work in 36 languages and maintain over 60 websites with just this one solution – an incomparable value that Contentserv offers on a daily basis.”

Matthias Holder, Head of PIM/MAM, Uzin Utz AG

Uzin Utz creates product data sheets & container designs at the touch of a button uzin-header-image

About Uzin Utz

Originally founded as a manufacturer of chemical products such as detergents, shoe polish, and floor cleaners, the company laid the foundation for its impressive development in 1948 with the introduction of a floor adhesive. Since then, Uzin Utz has become known as a full-range supplier of flooring systems, and its six core brands cover everything the industry requires.

The family-owned company, which has been in business for more than a century, is represented in around 50 countries and focuses strongly on innovation and sustainability. With just under 1,400 employees worldwide, Uzin Utz generated a turnover of around 440 million euros in 2021.


Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about Uzin Utz AG business model.

Construction industry/floor systems

Annual turnover:
~ 440 million euros

Target market:
Germany, Netherlands & Switzerland;
plus ~ 50 countries worldwide

Target customers:
B2B (traders, building materials distributors, etc.)

Type of products:
everything related to floor installation, floor adhesives, epoxy floors, etc.

Number of articles:
~ 6,700

Number of digital assets:
~ 84,000

Sales and marketing channels:
direct sales, wholesale, ecommerce

Contentserv solution used:

Use model:


Challenges and Implementation

Like many other companies, Uzin Utz did not have a uniform way of handling product information before the introduction of PIM. The data was distributed across different systems and maintained by the respective employees responsible, sometimes with different approaches.

For marketing-specific information, Word and Excel lists were the predominant media – which, for example, were manually forwarded to an agency that would create product data sheets and other documents. All in all, product data management-involved a lot of manual effort, which resulted in a rather mediocre data quality due to numerous errors and inconsistencies.

With a high product diversity, the strict regulations of the construction industry, a wide variety of container sizes, and a large number of different languages, Uzin Utz works under conditions where such inefficient processes cost a lot of time and money – and where a cleverly implemented PIM/DAM solution can noticeably improve data quality and time-to-market.


With the introduction of a PIM/DAM solution, existing processes should be effectively reconsidered, made more efficient, and, above all, centralized and standardized. In this way, the company can finally eliminate potential sources of error in a targeted manner and achieve a noticeable improvement in data quality and ashorter time-to-market. Priorities included the following:

  • High product data quality through PIM/DAM as a Single Source of Truth
  • Automated creation of product data sheets – with preparation and subsequent adjustments via predefined workflows with clear task allocation
  • Asthe implementation progresses: Further development of the system to also adapt and automatically create design templates for paper packaging bags with just a few inputs. > Smart Packaging
  • Solid database and suitable interfaces for setting up the company’s own webshop, filling the websites, and forwarding product information to customers
  • Simplified translation management via the PIM/DAM system


Through coordination with SDZeCOM as an advisory body and implementation partner, the company’s requirements were precisely defined to finally select the most target-oriented PIM/DAM system for Uzin Utz. The clear choice was Contentserv – among other things because of its range of features and the numerous interfaces and extension options, but especially due to its intuitive usability. After all, the system, which is now used by more than 100 PIM users within the corporate group, is easily accessible to non-specialists and thus allows a broad use within the teams.

Following SDZeCOM’s recommendation, the focus at the beginning of the implementation in 2016 was initially on the automatic creation of product data sheets as the immediately noticeable simplification led to a faster acceptance of the change process among employees. In the years that followed, numerous other features were implemented, such as the connection to InDesign, simple data exchange with customers and agencies, and BIM access for architects. Contentserv is the Single Source of Truth for a high-quality database, which ultimately enabled the automated connection of the company’s websites and the development of its own online shop.

Results that matter

The use of Contentserv in combination with the all-round support provided by SDZeCOM paid off in full shortly after the introduction: As predicted, the generation of data sheets at the push of a button was an impressive step in terms of efficiency and speed – which is why the company later further developed the principle to also design and modify part of the packaging designs, including the product data and country- specific labels with just a few clicks.

In addition to restructuring and optimizing previously largely manual processes, the introduction of PIM has triggered numerous development steps. For example, it was only with Contentserv that the development of the company’s online shops became feasible, a floor navigator and a consumption calculator to determine the optimal order quantity were developed, and digital displays at cooperation partners allow deeper insights into the company’s product variety – with data connection via Contentserv. The actual introductory phase has long since been completed, but the expansion of the options continues on an ongoing basis. And Uzin Utz is now at a point where the team involved is using the experience gained to inspireother companies via best-case scenarios and to demonstrate the potential of a skillfully prepared PIM/DAM introduction once the change has been initiated.

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“Today, more than 100 power users work in Contentserv – that’s an impressive number when you consider the processes we’ve been able to streamline and make more efficient with it. It’s not just creating data sheets at the push of a button that underlines our decision – also the support with which we can further advance our path of international expansion. We currently work in 36 languages and maintain over 60 websites with just this one solution – an incomparable value that Contentserv offers on a daily basis. It’s not by chance that Contentserv is one of the leading systems.”

Matthias Holder, Head of PIM/MAM, Uzin Utz AG


Why Contentserv & SDZeCOM?

  • The intuitive operation in combination with the high range of features of the Contentserv solution clearly set it apart from other systems
  • The extensive connectivity options as well as the possibility for further development was a good match for the future plans of the company thatalso likes to exploit additional potential with its own software development
  • The detailed requirements workshop by SZEeCOM with excellent advice ensured a positive impression right from the start – which was later clearly confirmed by the joint experiences

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