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Emmi sets the course for seamless customer services

"Contentserv’s PIM/DAM solution provides us with the optimal basis to increase customer loyalty via new and improved services.”

- Jürg Hofer, Team Leader Business Enterprise Architect, Emmi

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About EMMI

Emmi AG is the largest milk-processing company in Switzerland – with a broad product portfolio that includes various types of cheese, yogurt products, and the company’s most successful branded product: Caffè Latte. In 2020, the company also began offering vegan products and has been expanding the range ever since.

Headquartered in Lucerne, the Group comprises 25 production plants in Switzerland and subsidiaries in 15 countries. For distribution, Emmi works with large retail chains such as the Coop Group, among others, but also has its own food service for major customers. This extensive network enabled the company to generate sales of around 3.7 billion Swiss francs in 2020 with some 8,700 employees, slightly more than half of which was generated abroad.



Facts and figures

Have a look at a few key facts about EMMIS's business model.

Industry: Food industry

Annual turnover: CHF 3.7 billion (2020)

Target market: Worldwide

Type of products: Dairy products

Number of products: Approx. 15,000

Channels - Offline: wholesale, supermarkets, industry, food service

Channels - Mediaonline & print media

Contentserv solution used: PIM & DAM

Usage model: SaaS

Implementation partner: SDZeCOM GmbH

The challenge and goals

As the company has attached great importance to careful master data maintenance for many years, Emmi has already been able to standardize and harmonize many of its processes in response to its eventful transformation from a medium-sized company to a global corporation. 

But, for a long time, customer-related communication and marketing processes were not taken into account, which meant that inefficient working methods still prevailed. The task now was to initiate a comprehensive change process here too and to support this with the appropriate PIM/DAM solution. This would enable Emmi to provide the necessary central, comprehensive, and quickly accessible database to meet customers’ information needs on a permanent basis and to be well equipped for further development steps.

The situation
  • Thanks to consistent master data maintenance  within Emmi, a solid database already existed, but its use for marketing activities was limited.
  • In general, the all-round view of a product was missing. Instead, data from different systems had to be merged first before all the information could be viewed together.
  • The previous software cornerstones such as ERP, master data governance, and recipe management worked cleanly and efficiently on their own, but lacked the collaborative layer with appropriate workflow management.
  • Many processes relating to product data maintenance and preparation for partner companies or the company’s own marketing activities were still rather cumbersome and associated with media disruptions. This meant correspondingly high labor costs and an unnecessarily long time-to-market.
  • Extension of the single source of truth landscape or, in the case of multiple sources, corresponding integration with observance of the definition as to which source is the master for each data item, including data sovereignty of the company, compliance management, and AI-based tagging of media assets.
  • High data quality and a 360° view of all information on a product available at any time, including automated output in the appropriate formats.
  • Faster onboarding of new employees through an intuitive system and efficient workflow.
  • Overall increase in efficiency through automation of many processes that were previously still carried out manually, as well as through the elimination of media disruptions.
  • Simplified collaboration with subsidiaries thanks to cloud-based PIM/DAM solution.
  • Digitization of data sourcing from suppliers and agencies.
  • Increase in customer loyalty through better services, uniform product information, and high data quality standards.
  • In essence: cutting-edge digitized processes enabling the company to be prepared for further meaningful development steps as well as for the trade of the future in general.
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Jürg Hofer-Emmi

“Contentserv’s PIM/DAM solution provides us with the optimal basis to increase customer loyalty via new and improved services. The introduction is a flagship project in terms of digitization because it eliminates many manual processes and media disruptions, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency. Emmi needs this as a cornerstone for further solutions so that we are prepared for the future.”

Jürg Hofer, Team Leader Business Enterprise Architect, Emmi

Why Contentserv?

  • In response to an initial inquiry, Contentserv immediately set up a showcase using data provided by Emmi so that the team could view their own product information in the PIM/DAM system directly.
  • For the teams involved, the PIM/DAM software was immediately intuitively accessible and thoroughly impressive in terms of usability. This is an important factor for ensuring that employees also work efficiently and enjoy using the system.
  • The cloud solution provides the ideal conditions for all parties to collaborate via a central system, even at the international level. In addition, the PIM/DAM system can be scaled and flexibly adapted in parallel with the business without burdening the company’s IT structures.
  • The solution’s overall package with its range of functions, flexibility, and scalability as well as advice and partnership on an equal footing sealed the deal.

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