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How PIM helps building product manufacturers produce BIM-ready content

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Infographic – PIM Helps Building Product Manufacturers Produce BIM-Ready Content

According to engineering and construction (AEC) professionals, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the future of project information, as it improves collaboration and the management of building and infrastructure projects – in a faster, more economical and environment-friendly manner. This means Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) need to provide high-quality, BIM-ready product content to AEC companies to improve their chances of being chosen for new projects in the future.

BIM-ready content is delivered to AEC companies in the form of BIM objects. However, to produce high-quality BIM objects, BPMs must first get their data in order. Once they do, they can either create BIM objects in-house or hire the services of third-party BIM object creators. In either case, a Product Information Management (PIM) solution offers a streamlined approach for the management of product data, thus ensuring the accuracy, quality and completeness of BIM objects before they are delivered to recipients such as BIM object libraries.

Infographic – PIM Helps Building Product Manufacturers Produce BIM-Ready Content

BIM is poised to become the accepted standard for building construction projects. BPMs that want to get ahead must be able to produce BIM-ready content today. Although creating BIM objects may be challenging, being able to manage volumes of complex product information is the path to success.