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10 tips to create product content that converts

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10 Tips to Create Product Content that Converts

While actual data proves that customers skim instead of reading online, there’s also evidence demonstrating product descriptions STILL matter.

In fact, NNG Group found that 20% of purchases fail due to incomplete and unclear product information. According to them, “leaving shoppers’ questions unanswered can derail a sale or even worse, make shoppers abandon not just the purchase, but the site as well.”

Therefore, creating product content that is both accurate and enticing to shoppers is critical. Still, some brands fall short when it comes to curating and enriching their product descriptions. This results in missed opportunities to promote brand awareness, decrease cart abandonment, increase revenue and create brand advocates.

That said, creating amazing product content is no simple task. To help you on this journey, here are 10 ideas you can use to establish product pages with compelling and vibrant product content that converts:

Infografic: 10 Tips to Create Product Content that Converts