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The State of Brand Manufacturing 2023

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The State of Brand Manufacturing 2023

Digital transformation has become a crucial part of any modern business strategy, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing how companies manufacture and distribute their products by automating processes and enabling greater interconnectivity.

Although many manufacturers still see digitalization mainly as a source of efficiency, many understand that their future depends on learning to do business like digital natives. That’s why 95% of manufacturing companies agree that digital transformation is essential to their future success.

Adopting the right technology to cater to the industry’s unique requirements while delivering data-driven product experiences puts brands ahead of the competition and helps them become more resilient. To this end, more than 60% of manufacturing executives are now partnering with specialized technology companies to deploy smart manufacturing initiatives in the coming years.

Ultimately, successfully implementing a digital transformation strategy in manufacturing requires combining the right technology, a supportive culture, and a focus on data. But how can businesses start the shift from where they are now on their digital transformation journey to a future-ready organization?