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Tegut... creates irresistible promotions with high-quality, rich product content

tegut… optimized its work processes, enabled collaboration, and efficiently managed the end- to-end production of engaging campaign and promotion materials.

Tegut... creates irresistible promotions with high-quality, rich product content tegut-featured
About tegut…

Founded in 1947, tegut… is a Swiss-owned supermarket chain based in Fulda, Germany. tegut… supermarkets offer a wide range of fresh and branded goods, delicacies, regional foods, frozen products, magazines and drugstore items at all price levels. Operating in 280 stores across six federal states in Germany, tegut… has over 7,000 employees and generated net sales of over one billion euros in 2020.

The challenge

tegut… created flyers and advertising posters in a weekly cycle to promote its current product offerings. The company managed multiple advertising materials with different maturity levels simultaneously, and used an in-house campaign management software to plan campaigns and promotions. However, this software became outdated and could no longer meet tegut…’s requirements. Creative processes were performed by external service providers and agencies using product data from the ERP system, while promotion on the company’s homepage took place independently. The largely manual processes were highly time-consuming and cost-intensive due to media inconsistencies, complex coordination processes, and a high number of on-site appointments.

For this reason, tegut… sought to optimize its internal processes for more efficient and transparent management of product information and digital asset management. The company also wanted to pursue a solution that could be integrated with its upgraded campaign management software (ASW) while simultaneously integrating with the systems used by external and internal from marketing, services, advertising, inventory management, and purchasing parties.


tegut… required an integrated central platform for the management of product information and coordination of publication processes. The solution had to support the following:

  • Highly automated system-supported advertising material process, even for special flyers
  • Efficient planning and creation of weekly flyers with a circulation of approximately 3.1 million
  • High process transparency for complex procedures to reduce the current 12-week lead time
  • Intuitive approach to improve collaboration with agencies to minimize on-site appointments
  • A workflow and task-oriented interplay of the departments responsible for purchasing,inventory management, marketing services, and advertising

tegut… chose Contentserv and seamlessly integrated it with ASW as a central platform for data, media and design processes. Departments such as marketing services, advertisement, and purchasing were onboarded, allowing them to use the system to manage products, images, and layouts. Contentserv enabled them to access external sources and internal systems, and their photographic content. It also enriched product data from the ERP and target groups from the ASW with all marketing-relevant information, such as texts and image references, and other target group configurations, including product ranges and the handling of variants. The tasks for this workflow were extremely complex since different requirements from various areas had to be reconciled.

For this reason, tegut… required strict compliance, especially with the food retail industry’s highly complex requirements and, therefore, needed to ensure transparency and flexibility in its product planning. Contentserv delivered this requirement through its intuitive workflow management that enabled users to see the state of all product data before publication.

The result

With Contentserv, tegut… attained its requirement of having a central system for all product information. Collaboration across departments and regions improved as workflows became optimized, resulting in efficient task management, and consistent and complete data output. This also affected employee workloads and coordination efforts with agencies, as process time and efforts were greatly reduced.

“Thanks to its integrated and workflow-based solutions, Contentserv enables us to simplify our work processes considerably while making them more efficient.”

Jürgen Werner, IT Department Chief Application Services

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