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Headless integration

Experience the next level of efficiency — effortlessly manage and implement integrations to streamline dynamic content for a contextualized experience. 


Eliminate typical integration challenges

Don’t let complex data models and low performance hold you back from achieving your digital initiatives. 

Quickly adopt
more channels

Seamlessly distribute content across various channels from a single back-end and spend less time delivering the same data

Personalize the customer experience

Easily customize your front-end solutions to create a more personal and consistent experience to meet the needs of your customers

Evolve your

Gain more flexibility and opportunities to evolve the customer experience with the freedom of a front-end framework

What is headless integration?

Headless integration enables your system architecture to provide quick and secured access to your product data, so you can create and manage more content and easily deliver it to all your channels. 

Product Experience Hub - for headless integration


Create API endpoints individually


Decide which data is accessible to whom and in which format


Establish a connection to any front-end system

Push & pull

Give access to your data or actively push it to target systems

Headless integration powered by
Contentserv's Product Experience Hub

Popular features for enhanced functionality

  • API endpoint design & creation
  • Automatic API documentation
  • Real-time data sync for high performance
  • Channel optimized APIs
  • Flexible data export and transformation configurations
  • Push & pull data including delta detection

Contentserv’s all-in-one Product Experience Cloud for managing and personalizing product content

Manage your product content at scale, get your products to market faster and deliver personalized product experiences.

  • Hassle-free account management
  • No hardware or software maintenance
  • Minimal reliance on IT or developers
  • Dedicated customer success team


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PXC All-in-One
Nico De Troyer

Master Data Manager at Varo

The biggest challenge was to provide our complex and hierarchical data in a readable and thus understandable form. Once we were introduced to the Product Experience Hub life became a lot easier. Thanks to the flexible configuration and user-friendly interface, we were able to immediately create the necessary endpoints to effectively provide all our systems with the right amount of data. I can confidently say that the Product Experience Hub is the glue that connects all channels.


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