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Unlocking manufacturing success: Essential KPIs with Contentserv's PIM solution

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Unlocking manufacturing success: Essential KPIs with Contentserv's PIM solution

Are you ready to take your manufacturing game to the next level? A PIM system can revolutionize the way you operate. Picture this: elevated product data quality, quicker time-to-market, and seamless operations. Intrigued? Check out our infographic to discover the key performance indicators that can pave your path to manufacturing success and learn how some of our customers already streamlined their end-to-end product content process.

For example, in the world of power tools and equipment, Chervon faced a daunting task—aligning product content across various acquired brands and regions while maintaining transparency during commercial launches. With Contentserv's Product Experience Cloud, Chervon slashed localization efforts by an astonishing 45%.

ROTHENBERGER, like many in the industry, grappled with the absence of crucial product information, leading to time-consuming research and coordination. This bottleneck often resulted in increased workloads and product launch delays. However, with Contentserv’s PIM, ROTHENBERGER achieved a remarkable 60-70% reduction in critical product data management time, marking just the beginning of their digital transformation journey.

Ready to supercharge your manufacturing business? Contentserv's PIM solution is the game-changer to successfully transform your manufacturing operations!