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Understanding the 3 stages of the customer journey before going D2C

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Understanding the 3 Stages of the Customer Journey Before Going D2C

The direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model cuts out the middleman (e.g. wholesalers and retailers). This allows brands to handle the end-to-end transactions directly with consumers, that is from manufacturing and marketing all the way to fulfillment. Since D2C companies primarily operate online via e-commerce and digital advertising, a sound content strategy is a must to succeed. But what types of content should be created and when should they be distributed?

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The adage says that preparation is half the battle. Learning what it entails to go D2C, content-wise, allows brands to prepare for the journey ahead. Framing content based on the stages of the customer journey enables brands to orchestrate consumer experiences, measure them afterward, and then optimize as needed.


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