Experience-Driven Commerce for the Connected Consumer

Drive product-centric experiences at every touchpoint along the consumer journey
when you deliver rich, relevant and contextualized product content across your commerce landscape.

Create emotional connections with your customer

Capture your customers’ attention when you deliver accurate and contextual product content based on their individualized needs to elicit an emotional experience at every interaction. Purchase intent varies by customer and the reasons why can be vastly different.

Increase sales and shopping cart value

Improve the value of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities on your product page when presenting products with rich, accurate, complete and consistent above and below the fold product content that is relevant to your customers’ needs.

Improve the ROI of your product content

Continuously optimize your product content to drive product performance and profitability using advanced reporting and analytics to help you understand which products are selling well, when, where and together.

Contentserv Product Experience Management (PXM)
– Cloud Edition

Provide consumers with remarkable product experiences using a robust, secure and no-hassle solution to manage, personalize and publish your products and digital assets across your commerce landscape.

What is Product Experience Management (PXM)?

A Product Experience Management (PXM) solution is foundational to superior product experiences. PXM is the onboarding, management and enrichment of product information that is delivered in context, and personalized based on the channel, locale and need of your customers — wherever and whomever they are. When you deliver accurate, rich, relevant product content, it facilitates the creation of an emotional connection between you and your customers.

Streamline the data consolidation and validation process

Quickly import, consolidate and validate your product data and digital assets that are found in different formats from multiple systems and sources into one central location for a single trusted view of your products.

Gain control of your product content

Model, classify, enrich and localize your product information, associated attributes, digital assets and metadata from your own sources or from your suppliers.

Market products that resonate

Tailor your product detail pages to the specific needs of your customers, so they consume product content that is relevant to their interests, needs and overall purchase intent. Intelligently distribute product content at every customer touchpoint.

Gain insight on your products’ performance

Analyze the completeness and effectiveness of your products performance or visualize the metrics of a contextualized product. Our reporting and analytics suite will help you determine channel readiness and where and how to adjust, so you are always continually improving the ROI of your content.

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