Marketing Experience Management

Power Your Marketing Operations with Customer-Centric Product Experiences that Convert

Whether B2B or B2C, manufacturers and retailers can personalize their customers’
product experiences using contextualized product information, bundling and recommendations
to orchestrate marketing campaigns and promotions that drive results.

Market products in context to your customers’ needs & interests

Deliver rich and contextualized product content that resonates with your customers based on relevancy and their individualized needs. Purchase intent varies by customer, and while interest in a product may be the same, the reasons why can be vastly different.

Market products based on channel and regional assortments

Go beyond traditional multichannel publishing and publish rich product content and digital assets that are relevant to not only a type of channel but based on a specific region or situation. Ensure that seasonal products are marketed during a specific timeframe or that customers from a given region are viewing products only available to them.

Solve customers’ needs when you market solutions, not just products

Intelligently create and manage customer-centric bundles for every situation and need. Customers today are looking less for an individual product, but more for a set of products that solve a specific need or solution. Customers want to know how a simple shirt can be transformed into an outfit to wear for an occasion or everything one needs to cook a delicious meal for a special family gathering.

Effortlessly drive product recommendations that resonate with your customers

Ensure your customers see the right products, on the right channel, at the right time using real-time product recommendations. “Good” product content is not enough anymore, customers want to be presented with products that are relevant to their wants and needs based on their location, time, device and individualized needs.

Create product relationships that increase sales and shopping cart value

Improve the relevancy and value of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities on your product page when you reference “shop the look” or “you may also like” products across your product catalog. Reduce returns when presenting products with rich, accurate, complete and consistent above and below the fold product content.

Execute your marketing campaigns & promotions like a pro

Achieve the results you set out to accomplish when you automate the planning and management of your product marketing campaigns and promotions based on relevant products for a region, persona, situation or time-period.

Brief: Futurize Your Customers’ Product Experience

Learn how you can deliver contextualized product content for relevant and compelling product experiences in one platform.

What is Marketing Experience Management (MXM)?

A Marketing Experience Management (MXM) solution transforms traditional Product Information Management (PIM) systems into a personalized product experience engine.
MXM enables marketers to ensure their customers are viewing the right products, at the right time, with the right information and in the right context.

Improve your product catalog

Market the right product, to the right person, at the right time when you automate the processes for product recommendations, product bundles and product relationships.

Market products that resonate

Tailor your product detail pages to the specific needs of your customers, so they consume product content that is relevant to their interests, needs and overall purchase intent.

Achieve your advertising commitments

Bridge the gap between promotional systems and your product catalog to automate smart campaigns and promotions in order to promote relevant products and bundles in a given region, at a certain time, or for a given situation, such as a holiday.

Gain insight on your products’ performance

Analyze the effectiveness of your promotions or visualize the metrics of a contextualized product, either way, our reporting and analytics suite will help you determine if you are receiving a return on content or not, and where to adjust if necessary, so you can stay atop of your customer experience.

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