Marketing Experience Management

Contentserv’s MXM solution is purpose-built to power customer-centric product experiences. Market the right product, in the right context, to the right customer.

Static & Dynamic Makeups

Create contextualized makeups of a product via static and dynamic makeups. From a static perspective, you can tailor all aspects of a product (product image, name, description, features, etc.) for one or many targets (e.g., buyer persona, B2B account, situation, channel, etc.). From a dynamic perspective, we use our affinity engine to assemble the right aspects of a product for your customer in real-time.

Affinity Engine

Provide real-time product recommendations via our affinity engine. An affinity, unlike a traditional attribute, is a score in regard to how well the subject (product, brand, attribute or rich content) performs for a given context. Ensuring the right products appear, with the right information, as well as the appropriate product relationships for dynamic bundling, product upsells, and more.

Start delivering truly personalized product experiences with Contentserv

With solutions to help you manage your product data, communicate your products and personalize your marketing, getting started has never been easier.

Campaigns & Promotions

Plan and execute campaigns and promotions, while ensuring the correct product is promoted for a given region and channel, all while disseminating consistent product information. For print-specific promotions, our state-of-the art whiteboard composer, with a built-in Adobe InDesign integration, allows you plan and implement your print promotions against your advertising commitments.

Contentserv is ISO 27001 certified

The security of your data is our highest priority – highlighting our commitment to maintaining the highest security levels for our customers’ data, now and in the future. Our certification means that we can proactively identify any risks, mitigate them as quickly as possible, and be willing to have all information security policies and capabilities audited every three years.

See the ISO 27001 certificate here

Contentserv Success Stories

Even though it has only been a short while since we started using Contentserv, we can already say that we are faster and more efficient. We will continue to work with XSARUS and Contentserv to add more functionalities in the future because we believe there is more to be gained.

Rebekka van der Kooi, PIM Application & Team Member Specifications & Labelling Manager

Your End-to-End Solution for Customer-Centric Product Experiences

Product Relationships

Automation of product relationships helps customers discover items they would not otherwise come across. Whether it is a product up-sell, cross-sell or substitution, you can ensure your customers do not engage from the lens of a single product, but rather a product ecosystem to solve all of their specific wants, needs and problems.

Static & Dynamic Bundling

Address the industry trend of presenting solutions to your customers, as opposed to just products. Whether you manually bundle a set of products or dynamically assemble and deliver in real-time, you can ensure the correct grouping of products are bundled and sold to a customer via a rich experience.

Automatic Tagging

Eliminate the hassle of manually tagging a product. When a product is onboarded, you can set its initial affinity scores via an analysis of external data source, internal tools and algorithm execution or through external tools. Once your products are tagged, it is constantly being improved by processing usage metrics from your channels.

Reporting & Analytics

Focus your promotions and personalization on the right products and solutions for your correct targets to ensure you are receiving a return on content. You can visualize the metrics of a contextualized product or analyze the effectiveness of a promotional image to better understand how your products are performing.

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