Enable Omnichannel Commerce

Maintain consistent product information across all channels


Today’s consumers expect retailers to provide consistent product information online and offline regardless of time, location or device they are using. Retailers that manage their internal and supplier product data in disparate silos have a high risk for errors and inconsistencies, as well as an inability to effectively push accurate and consistent data across multiple channels. This quickly results in missed sales, reduced brand loyalty, increased returns and poor customer satisfaction.

Contentserv’s solution consolidates product information and digital assets across your organization into a single, central repository establishing a trusted source of information. Our offering also includes a supplier data onboarding solution that allows you to quickly onboard a supplier’s product catalog within minutes, ensuring that the data you work with is always up-to-date and correct. Advanced multichannel publishing allows you to publish current and accurate product content across all channels for a consistent product experience.

Learn more about how Contentserv can help you build groundbreaking product experiences here.

Build Engaging Experiences

Personalize your offering to connect with customers


Retailers are expected to provide engaging experiences about an ever-increasing number of products across a multitude of channels. This requires high-quality data coupled with a deep understanding of customer personas and interests. Furthermore, to deliver compelling product experiences, your product content needs to not only be enhanced, rich and relevant, but it needs to be targeted, so your customers remain engaged and maintain loyalty.

Contentserv solves these challenges by enabling retailers to orchestrate highly automated and flexible marketing and communication processes. Create and manage high-impact campaigns, promotions and events to address your customers’ needs, in the context of personas, situations and channels.  This allows you to provide contextual audience targeting and personalized experiences across all campaign categories and sales channels.

Learn more about how Contentserv’s data syndication functionality can help you share your product data with confidence here.

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Gain Competitive Advantage

Accelerate time-to-market to differentiate yourself from competitors


Retailers operate within a highly dynamic market. The proliferation of e-commerce, along with consumers that are increasingly price sensitive, leaves retailers with few ways to differentiate in a sea of competitors. Accelerating time-to-market can help retailers stand out, especially now that consumers can quickly search for the products they want and easily compare prices across multiple retailers within seconds.

Contentserv provides comprehensive workflow management and automated business rules that speed up your business processes. This reduces errors inherent with manual processes and enables you to adapt quickly to change. In addition, quick supplier data onboarding allows you to onboard a large number of SKUs, further reducing the time required to get products to market, so you can focus on creating more revenue-generating opportunities.

Learn more about how Contentserv’s data governance policies and single centralized repository can help you achieve compliance here.

Hundreds of brands & retailers TRUST Contentserv


Let Your Data Be Your Partner For Success

Eliminate data silos

Control and manage your product information and digital assets from a central location across your organization.

Improve data quality

Deliver consistent, complete, and accurate data across all sales channels.

Reduce product returns

Help consumers make better purchasing decisions and improve brand loyalty with rich, accurate and complete product information.

Accelerate time-to-market

Get products to market faster with automated workflows, quality checks and multichannel publishing.

Increase SKU assortments

Quickly onboard and efficiently manage thousands of SKUs.

Maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Increase revenue by promoting related products that are relevant to the interest of your customers.

Specialized Solutions for Retailers

Integrated Workflow Management

Enable collaboration, automation and orchestration of your business processes.

Data Syndication

Syndicate product information to backend and front-end systems.

Version and History Management

Control the storage of different versions of datasets.

Multichannel Publishing

Publish product data to online and offline channels.

Data Onboarding

Automate the onboarding and validation of supplier data into your product catalog.

Data Stewardship

Grant or restrict access to a specific set of data and who can edit, download or delete them.

Digital Asset Management

Store, organize, find and retrieve images, videos and documents.

Data Governance

Set in place policies and audit trails to maintain data quality and promote accountability.

Translation Management

Localize data for multiple languages, channels and brands.

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