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Object Edge Inc

Object Edge Inc-SSP Qualified

Who is Object Edge Inc

Established in 1994, Object Edge is an award-winning technology consultancy working with leading global brands. From CPQ and subscription to eCommerce and data, we help enterprise businesses build and optimize their entire revenue lifecycle system. Learn more at objectedge.com.

Competencies: eCommerce, Web Development, Conception, Consultation, Implementation,
Partner since: 2023

“We are excited to be partnering with Contentserv. This strategic alliance connects our deep expertise in data strategy, governance, and commerce with Contentserv's robust PIM and content syndication platform. Together, we create data-driven commerce engines built with expert data strategy and design, comprehensive data governance, and robust content management. This gives our clients a competitive advantage: building comprehensive revenue systems where data is enabled, integrated, and optimized to drive growth.”

Vinny Maurici, VP of Data Engineering, Object Edge