Digital Asset Management

Contentserv’s DAM solution is purpose-built
to power your digital marketing initiatives.
Transform your digital content and unlock its full potential.

Collaborative Workflows

Launch projects fast or efficiently remove expired content using automated workflows to streamline the approvals, deadlines and tasks managed by cross-functional teams. Personalized dashboards allow you to directly take action on priority items.

Channel-Specific Image Conversion

Automatically convert digital assets to channel-specific formats when publishing to online and offline channels. This significantly reduces storage space and you always have the right asset in the right format and size.

Start delivering truly personalized product experiences with Contentserv

With solutions to help you manage your product data, communicate your products and personalize your marketing, getting started has never been easier.

Digital Asset Relationships

Link digital assets to your products and other entities such as suppliers or locations for vibrant and relevant content. Products can be associated to one or more assets and can be related to a supplier, manufacturer or brand, which can be made to inherit logos and other relevant assets from those companies. Digital assets such as a map image of a store, office or other type of layout can also be linked to a specified location.

Contentserv is ISO 27001 certified

The security of your data is our highest priority – highlighting our commitment to maintaining the highest security levels for our customers’ data, now and in the future. Our certification means that we can proactively identify any risks, mitigate them as quickly as possible, and be willing to have all information security policies and capabilities audited every three years.

See the ISO 27001 certificate here

Contentserv Success Stories

With realistic planning and a flexible data model, Contentserv’s software has made all the difference. Their presentation was the most complete and we felt that the Contentserv team understood the complexity of managing our data and product references.

Loïc Dolbeau, Digital Marketing Manager
France Air

Your End-to-End Solution for Marketers, Creatives and Digital Teams

Proof Reader

Collaborate and give feedback on preview drafts by sharing comments prior to publishing.

Download Tracker

Easily track and get statistics of when and which digital assets have been downloaded and by whom.

Metadata Management

Identify, describe and categorize digital assets using metadata for discoverability, organization and auditing (licensing & expiration) purposes.

Version Control

Monitor every version change made by whom, when it happens and where it is being used – and easily restore digital assets to an earlier version.

Project Planning

Visualize project timelines and directly manage associated tasks via a Gantt Chart or Calendar style.

Role-Based Security

Control which assets can be accessed, edited, approved or downloaded based on the roles and privileges of a particular user or group of users.

Task Manager

Collaboratively work on an asset, in a sequential and/or parallel manner via tasks using automated workflows. Distribute approved, on brand assets for one or many products across multiple channels. Digital assets can also be a part of a product workflow, using an assigned task to link digital assets.

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Organizations can experience both a positive business and operational impact after implementing a PIM solution. There’s a multitude of benefits that have been documented by analysts, brands and retailers, but a lot are dependent upon each individual organization, its strategic initiatives, technological environment and internal processes.  However, one thing remains clear, companies lose more than just money when their data is prone to errors. Take our quick ROI Indicator and find out your potential with Contentserv’s PIM solution.

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