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Shopify Connector

eCommerce simplified

Use one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere – making sure you transfer accurate, complete, rich and up-to-date product information. Save time and reduce errors by automating practically any manual business process.



Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that helps businesses around the world build their online store and sell products across multiple channels.

Contentserv's customizable Shopify Connector enables seamless and automatic transfer of accurate, complete, comprehensive and up-to-date product information from Contentserv to your Shopify stores in real-time.

Download the Shopify Connector datasheet to learn:

  • How to combine the power of Shopify and Contentserv APIs
  • How to provide accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date product data to your Shopify e-commerce system
  • How to speed time to market by streamlining internal processes

Get your copy of the datasheet now and contact us to get even more detailed information.