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OroCommerce Connector: Deliver dynamic B2B ecommerce experiences

Engaging buying experiences with OroCommerce and Contentserv

OroCommerce Connector: Delivering Dynamic B2B E-Commerce Experiences

There are many lingering misconceptions towards B2B commerce, which have long influenced the attitudes towards online B2B selling. One such misconception is that B2B customers are reluctant to buy online. The new generation of buyers, millennials, make up 73%1 of the B2B buyer population. B2B companies now need to cater to the demands of this type of buyer. And according to millennials, the digital experience1 is a crucial factor they consider when choosing a B2B vendor.

Fortunately, companies like OroCommerce offer efficient and effective solutions for rolling out digital experiences for today’s B2B buyers.  B2B organizations can now adapt to this business model, delivering the engaging experiences that drives revenue.

In partnership with OroCommerce, Contentserv developed an connector to provide B2B companies with a way to supply their self-service e-commerce websites, B2B marketplaces, customer portals or wholesale portals.  Allowing for the delivery of enriched product experiences with accurate, relevant and rich product content.

Understand how the OroCommerce connector works with this comprehensive datasheet and learn the:

  • Benefits of integrating an e-commerce portal with a Product Information Management (PIM) solution.
  • Important features organizations must look for in an integrable solution.
  • Key functionalities that make the Contentserv OroCommerce connector stand out.

By leveraging this robust integration of these two solutions, vendors can provide B2B buyers with dynamic and compelling digital experiences.

Download the datasheet now!

1 https://www.brandingstrategyinsider.com/how-millennials-are-changing-the-b2b-buyer-profile/