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BigCommerce Connector: Craft compelling customer experiences on your shops

Seamlessly integrate BigCommerce with Contentserv

BigCommerce Connector: Craft Compelling Customer Experiences on Your Shops

It can be challenging to maintain accurate and up-to-date product information on multiple online shops. Manual-heavy approaches can be difficult to sustain and become exceedingly time-consuming as the business expands and grows.

Contentserv’s BigCommerce connector provides seamless integration between Contentserv and BigCommerce shops. This enables the reliable synchronization of product data to deliver accurate, consistent and rich omnichannel experiences

Download the BigCommerce connector data sheet to learn how the connector:

  • Creates or deletes categories and quickly updates them on each Big Commerce system
  • Export Products from Contentserv to BigCommerce with just a few clicks
  • Configure sources quickly and easily

Get the data sheet now!