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Adobe Creative Cloud Connector: Enrich shopping experiences with vibrant content

Provide up-to-date digital content in no time with the Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

Datasheet Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

Enticing customers to browse your online shops or product catalogs heavily relies on having engaging and lively product images coupled with accurate product information. However, bringing creative assets in line with a central DAM system, especially when several people and teams worked on them, often involves immense manual effort.

The Adobe Creative Cloud connector seamlessly integrates Contentserv’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries to automatically synchronize digital assets from Adobe applications. The connector allows you to reduce manual work, promote brand consistency and publish coherent and vibrant digital assets across all channels.

Download the Adobe Creative Cloud connector datasheet to:

  • Discover how the connector integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Learn how the seamless syncing of digital assets between the Adobe Creative Cloud and Contentserv works
  • Understand how the connector enables continuity of work, anytime and anywhere

Get your copy of the datasheet now and contact us to get even more detailed information.