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atrify Connector

GDSN made easy

Exchange your product information with your trading partners worldwide at the push of a button - easily and securely. Manage your entire atrify product catalog from one single trusted database - straight from Contentserv into the atrify GDSN template and vice versa using the atrify Connector.


atrify is cloud-based, convenient, easy to use and secure. The integrated and flexible cloud solution enables GS1 member organizations and communities to offer their suppliers and recipients a holistic GDSN solution with many additional services. Enhance your atrify integration with Contentserv.

Manage your entire atrify product catalog from a single trusted database - export products, categories, variants, attributes, custom fields and images directly from Contentserv to the atrify GDSN template and vice versa with the atrify Connector.

Download the atrify Connector datasheet to learn:


  • How to meet GDSN requirements for standardized and accurate product data
  • How to provide accurate product data to all your recipients around the world
  • How you can accelerate time to market

Get your copy of the datasheet now and contact us to get even more detailed information.