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Service & Support Partner

SQLI Digital Experience

SQLI Digital Experience-SSP Excellence

Who is SQLI Digital Experience

SQLI Digital Experience is a Full-Service European company with 30+ years of E-commerce & 20+ years of MDM/PIM experience. Our MDM/PIM professionals work with you to develop a 360-degree view of your data management and ensure you deliver engaging digital experiences across all channels. Our 2,100 employees are located in 13 countries.

Strategic & Technical Consultancy
  • Ensure a comprehensive solution design with the SQLI PIM/MDM Consultancy Framework.
  • Highly experienced PIM consultants support your business in data analysis, data modelling and integration scenarios.
  • Benefit from high-level process and architecture consultancy in PIM/MDM/MAM for your business processes, paired with actual implementation know-how derived from extensive project experience. 
Evaluation Support
  • PIM/MDM Framework-based software evaluation- and RFP-support for PIM/MAM/MDM.
  • Best-of-breed approach as an independent implementation partner, ensuring the best solution for your needs.
  • Long term evaluation support to keep your PIM service up-to-date, covering trends and new features.
Innovation/Implementation Excellence
  • Our technical consultants define your PIM/MAM/MDM processes and support your organization in implementing a state-of-the-art master data management and/or product information management system.
  • Migration, redesign, and optimization of existing data models to a PIM/MAM/MDM solution.
  • Implementation of data management processes and governance (role right setup, business process, data model changes/extensions, workflow integration plugin-implementation) targeted to your organization’s needs (cost reduction, time-to-market, enhanced data quality).
  • Interface integration design and architecture, achieving a seamless integration with target systems or middleware.
  • Enable your organization to make decision with actionable insights from your product data, boosting sales.
  • Long-term evaluation support from our implementation team to keep your PIM service up to date, covering trends and new features.
  • We ensure an accepted and functioning PIM/MAM/MDM solution that involves integrated business departments in the development process and follows a training-on-the-job principle.
Competencies: eCommerce, Print Integration, Conception, Consultation, Implementation,
Contentserv-certified users: 15
Partner since: 2016

Our partnership has been in place since 2016 and is of critical importance to SQLI. With our proven implementation methodology, we can introduce the solution to our customers very efficiently and successfully.

Stefan Herold, Managing Director