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Premedia GmbH

Premedia GmbH-SSP Expert

Who is Premedia GmbH

Premedia digitises marketing processes and automates content production. Together with our 130 employees we are dedicated to streamlining marketing efforts for our clients, including INTERSPORT, swissbit, Raiffeisen, RWA/Lagerhaus and the XXXLutz Group. As a trusted Contentserv partner, our focus lies in empowering marketing organisations to enhance the efficiency of their marketing endeavors.

Manage content and data across all channels

With an all-encompassing 360° strategy, we draw upon our 35 years of experience to deliver scalable solutions and streamlined data and content processes. From objective consultation to seamless implementation and ongoing operation, our aim is to facilitate top-tier customer experiences and maximise market impact for our clients.

Simplify, expedite, and enhance your marketing efforts with cutting-edge MarTech solutions:
  • Plan and utilise resources efficiently for more transparency and smooth collaboration.
  • Manage and control content & data centrally and across all channels.
  • Inspire customers in a smart and data-based way to deliver personalised customer journeys along all online and offline touchpoints.
  • Standardised and efficient procurement processes to automate content marketing.
Efficient and scalable solutions for seamless implementation of marketing and media initiatives:
  • Automate content production for scalable and cost-effective use of your product images across all channels.
  • Scale your content production seamlessly, addressing capacity constraints and even in situations where automations may fall short.
  • Effectively simplify print management through digital processes, flexible integration with interfaces, and just-in-time production.
Increase efficiency with Contentserv & Premedia. 

Marketing complexity is driven by two factors: Playing on more and more touchpoints and communicating consistently in the process, along with meeting increasing customer expectations using high-quality data. 

 We support our clients by digitalising marketing processes and automating content production using the „Product Experience Cloud“ from Contentserv. 

 This is how we simplify the complexity of marketing and ensure greater efficiency.

Competencies: Web Development, Print Integration, Conception, Consultation, Implementation,
Partner since: 2023
Katharina Strassl

With Contentserv we have a strong technology and reliable partner at our side when our customers need to create and manage product data more effectively and distribute it to a wide variety of channels.

Wolfgang Erlebach, CEO Premedia GmbH